StreamGeeks® Comic Relief Presents

April 17th 11AM PST 2PM EST (2 Hour Event)
benefiting the United Way COVID-19 Response Fund

About Clean Quarantine Comedy

“Clean Quarantine Comedy,” a live Internet broadcast with an amazing lineup of comedians coming together for a good cause, will be held Friday, April 17, 2020 from 2 to 4 p.m. to benefit the United Way of Chester County’s COVID-19 Response Fund. The broadcast will feature a live donation drive, powered by the production experts at the StreamGeeks in West Chester, Pa.

Each donation to the United Way, done via YouTube Super Chat, will feature tiers of instant reward for contributors. The instant donation rewards will include confetti cannons, balloon machines, bubble madness, instant replay goodness and much more, all benefiting the United Way’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

“We are so excited to put our studio to use for this amazing cause, helping to raise money locally for the United Way’s COVID-19 Response Fund,” says Paul Richards, the Chief Streaming Officer for the StreamGeeks. “We have used YouTube Super Chat to raise funds for other non-profits in the past, and we’re excited to show how effective that can be for non-profit organizations.” The “Good Clean Quarantine Humor” comes at a time when we all need a good laugh. Viewers can participate in the live donations through YouTube Live or via Facebook, while donating directly to the United Way. YouTube Live donations are required to trigger instant in-studio rewards.

Why this Fundraiser is FUN!

Below is a list of instant rewards, activated by each level of donation:

  • $1-1.99- activate the COVID-19 Siren
  • $1.99-4.99 – Activate the Star Wars Balloon Machine $5.00-$9.99 – Activate Activate the Balloon Machine Joe Exotic Tiger Balloon Machine
  • $10-19.99 – Activate the Bubble Machine
  • $20-49.99 – Activate the Confetti Cannon
  • $50-99.99 – Activate the Confetti Cannon with amazing slow motion instant replay
  • $100+ – Activate Confetti Cannon with Multi-camera slow motion instant replay

Non-profits can learn more on how to set up engaging fundraisers like this using the StreamGeeks free guide here.

For donations over $100 we suggest that you donate directly to the United Way. Unfortunetly, YouTube takes 30% of all Super Chat funds. While this is a fun way to raise money for the United Way, it may not be the best way to donate large sums of money.

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