EP 23 – YouTube Live Audience Growth Hacking Guide

This week we discuss how to use YouTube’s live streaming features to hack the YouTube algorithm. We discuss the most important aspects of the YouTube algorithm and how live streaming can put your videos first in search results. Everyone knows that YouTube’s search engine has been built to deliver the most relevant content to it’s users. But what makes YouTube’s algorithm decide that one video more relevant than another? We discuss the important of watch time and user engagement ratings which can be improved when you are delivering your content live.

Our entire presentation is available at https://streamgeeks.us/youtube for download we include some of our favorite YouTube assets including photoshop files for YouTube Thumbnails and outro screens designed for the new YouTube End Screens. We hope you enjoy this episode full of YouTube SEO and Strategy secrets Paul has built up over the years with a focus on delivering content via live video. Many of the SEO strategies discussed have been accumulated from exclusive trade shows such as VidSummit in Los Angeles which Paul credit for many of his tips. But the StreamGeeks also share insights from the live streaming world where the compare and contrast Facebook’s live streaming platform with YouTube.

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