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EP 28 – Live Streaming in the Food Services Industry

Facebook Livefacebook marketingfood serviceslive broadcastlive streamingrestaurant

This week the StreamGeeks will be helping a local restaurant live stream in the food services industry. The StreamGeeks have teamed up with a local marketing company called Bad Rhino to help their client Split Rail Tavern with a live broadcast to their Facebook page. Split Rail Tavern is a relatively new bar & restaurant […]
EP 27 – How to add Live Streaming Services to your Business

For us, the video content we are creating monetizes itself. We are in a very unique situation where the process of improving our video production is just as important as the content we are covering. Many of our viewers will tune in just to see the new technology we are using during our presentation and […]
EP 26 – From the Studio to the Car & back!


Episode 26, of StreamGeeks Live is not a normal episode! This show will feature a mobile broadcast that will bridge the live stream back and forth from our normal multi-camera studio setup to a totally mobile broadcast from a car using the cloud.  While we are still live streaming the show to both YouTube and […]
EP 25 – How we use Live Video to fuel Inbound Marketing

facebook marketinghubspotinboundlive videomarketing

This week in Episode 25, the StreamGeeks pop the hood on their inbound marketing engine and share insights on how live video is fueling their lead generation system. The team is joined by Morgan Jacobson, HubSpot Principal Manager, to discuss how businesses small and large are using live video in every stage of the inbound […]
EP 24 – Live Streaming for Retail Businesses

live streamingretail businessretail salessmall businesssocial media

Live streaming and social media may have the power to help defend our countries small businesses again tech giants like Amazon and Walmart! I love small businesses and I just finished producing a beautiful, television quality, Facebook Live broadcast for a local retail store. Most small businesses, especially those in the boutique retail space, do […]
EP 23 – YouTube Live Audience Growth Hacking Guide

This week we discuss how to use YouTube’s live streaming features to hack the YouTube algorithm. We discuss the most important aspects of the YouTube algorithm and how live streaming can put your videos first in search results. Everyone knows that YouTube’s search engine has been built to deliver the most relevant content to it’s […]
EP 22 – How to Gain LIVE viewers on Facebook for Your Business

The StreamGeeks are a small team of video production professionals specializing in live streaming. Located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the team has over 20 live broadcasts available free to the public reviewing how businesses can best take advantage of live streaming. This week the StreamGeeks have published a free guide outlining 10 tips to gain […]
EP 21 – Intros/Outros & Graphics for your live show

After EffectsPhotoshopshow branding

In Episode 21 of StreamGeeks we talk all about creating the graphics for a professional live show. This is our last show of the year so we will quickly take a look back at the past 20 episodes and how our live show has grown. As some of you know, every show we provide the […]
EP 20 – Telescope Live Streaming

live streaming starsouter spacetelescope

In Episode 20 of StreamGeeks, we connect our backyard telescopes to a PTZOptics ZCAM-VL (Variable Lens) live streaming camera via HD-SDI and/or IP Streaming to our vMix video production. Every 10 episodes we have a BIG giveaway and this week we are giving away a 4K HDMI to USB 3.0 frame grabber. This week we […]
Episode 19 – Free Live Streaming Software – New OBS 20 Features

Free Live StreamingOBS

In this episode of StreamGeeks Live, we review the latest new features in OBS 20. We take a look at free vs paid live streaming software and how you can use OBS with advanced features such as RTSP Streaming, NewTek NDI, Studio Mode and now Stingers. Here is a list of the most notable new […]
Episode 18 – Our $10k Live Streaming Studio Budget – How we spent it!


In episode 18 of StreamGeeks, we go over our entire budget of $10,000 and how we spent it to build our live streaming studio. $10,000 was just enough money to build out our entire office with new IP-based networking infrastructure that we can use for live streaming in our offices and our studio. We are […]
Episode 17 – Inside our live streaming network

live streaming

Episode 17 of stream geeks live we look at our ubiquity network set up for live streaming. At the heart of every Modred live streaming facility is an IP-based network. Paul and Tess show you thier brand new Gigabit network setup for live streaming and video production which includes a power over ethernet managed network […]
Episode 15 – Free Private Live Streaming

live streaming

There are many reasons why live streamers like to have private content delivery network for their video productions. In episode 15 of StreamGeeks Live, we talk about several ways to host free private Livestreams on the Internet. The first way to host a free private live stream is using your own server with the content […]
Episode 14 – 2 Years of Live Streaming

In Episode 14 of StreamGeeks, we take a moment to look back on our last two years of live streaming. Sometimes it’s funny, other times we learn from our best successes. This episode is a look back at over 22 timeline moments in our history live streaming. From our first ever live stream to our […]
Episode 13 – Viewer Statistics for live streaming

live views

In Episode 13 on StreamGeeks, the team dove in on video statistics on Facebook and YouTube. Analytics have been proving to be a valuable tool for your channels success. Whether it’s a cooking show on YouTube or product videos on Facebook, the ability to understand who, when, and where is consuming your content is invaluable. […]
Episode 12 – Selling Event Virtual Tickets and Private Live Streams

Virtual Tickets

Join us today as we go LIVE and discuss virtual pay per view live streams, and the upcoming NAB New York. In episode 12 of StreamGeeks we talk all about how to sell virtual tickets online. Selling virtual tickets is a great way to generate additional revenue for your next event. All you need is […]
Episode 10 – How much do these live streaming cables all weigh?

BROADCAST & AV CABLE Weight Guide We recently started a live show exclusively for customers called “Grow Your Show”, where our customers come onto the show and explain how they use our cameras in return for the chance to win an new camera. This week we had an eye opening case study from Ken Richer, […]
Episode 9 – We are building a new streaming studio!

3D Live Streaming Studio Design

We are building a new live streaming studio in just a couple weeks! We want your advice, ideas and creative energy to help us design this amazing new space! In this live show, we share our Google Sketchup designs comparing and contrasting our various designs for a live streaming studio. This weeks Facebook Live reaction […]
Episode 8 – How to start your live show off with a BANG!

BrandingFacebook APIlive streaming

In Episode 8 of StreamGeeks live we talk about “How to start your live show off with a BANG!”. Facebook has recently release a new API for frame accurate broadcast starts which allow users to start their live streams with accurately. With this new news the StreamGeeks review an agenda focused on live show energy, […]
Episode 7 – Interviewing Guests Live – iOS 11 BETA w/ vMix Call & More

STREAMGEEKS EP 7 || Hosting Guests on Your LIVE Show Join us today at 2 pm ET to learn about hosting guests and interviewing someone LIVE. How do we talk to them, virtually or in person? How do virtual interviews work? Also, we’ll be diving into IOS 11 and what that means for interviewing LIVE, […]
Episode 6 – VaynerNation – Live Streaming Camera Giveaway!

Streaming Camera

Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? Well, we are so humbled by the VaynerNation support we received today, that we want to make sure everyone who participated receives something from us. That being said, here’s the infographic we used on today’s show. Use this info to show EVERYONE who doubts your live streaming ambitions, that […]
Episode 5 – Transitioning from Recorded to Live Video

Facebook Livelive streamingVideo ProductionYouTube live

Enjoy Episode 5 of StreamGeeks where we talk about Transitioning from Recorded to Live Video. Uncover some of the tips for using recorded content during your live show. You can take video clips or entire segments of recorded/create video clips and use those inside your live broadcast on YouTube or Facebook. We hope this episode […]
Episode 4 – Troubleshooting a Live Stream

It’s inevitable that with live streaming, come live hiccups. Problems seem to always occur, no matter how long you’ve been doing this, or how professional you are. Some things are just out of our control. It’s what you do in those moments, and how you handle it, that counts.
Episode 3 – Tip for live streaming a concert


Welcome to StreamGeeks Podcast on Video! We live stream the recording of our weekly podcast. This week we’ll cover live streaming concerts and musical performances, and offer you some helpful tips. Join us every Monday here or on iTunes, Sticher Radio, Soundcloud, and Podbean.
Episode 2 – How to grow your live show

live streaming

How to grow your live show with Stream Geeks.
Facebook Live Reactions in vMix

Facebook Livelive streaming

Here is the best way to use Facebook Live reaction using vMix. We just use Chat Connect Pro to pull in Facebook Live reaction question directly into our data sources manager. From there we can popular our titles inside our vMix production using data sources in the title editor. We also show how to […]
Color Matching Cameras for our Live Stream

Color Matchinglive streamingStreaming Cameras

In this episode of Back to the Basics, Paul and Tess show us how to color match multiple PTZOptics cameras during the live stream. It is important to color match your cameras when you plan to do live streaming and we suggest that is done before every live show. Lighting and other settings can change […]
Episode 1 – Our Live Streaming “Ah Ha” Moments

Enjoy episode 1 from StreamGeeks first season! In this podcast, we talk about all things live streaming. Paul and Tess come from the Facebook and YouTube Live streaming world… This weekly show will be published every Friday. The show is also available live via video on Facebook and YouTube Monday’s at 10AM Pacific 2PM Eastern.
2017 Streaming Awards

live streamingvideo-storiesvideos

We wanted thank everyone nominated and involved with the 2017 Streaming Awards! In this video, we thank the nominees and take you behind the scenes to see briefly how the 24/7 live stream and data ingestion system is setup. Briefly, Paul explains how the Google Form is tied to a Google Sheet which populates the […]
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