Previous Summit Keynote Speaker: Geoffrey Colon from Microsoft.

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The StreamGeeks Summit is an educational event for anyone who wants to better understand the world of live streaming. This half-day event will provide education with industry leaders who will help simplify the tech and provide action plans that can be applied to almost any industry.

+ Support a Great Cause!

Every professional development ticket we sell for this year’s event will help to increase our communities donation to the Broadcasters Foundation of America!

The 3rd annual event

The test phase is over. This year we know exactly what everybody wants in order to have a great time, collaborate and share online. The StreamGeeks Summit 3.0 is really all about community and the people you will meet. These precious moments will happen on Zoom and via some well organized break-out rooms. 

The StreamGeeks Summit is NOT another consumer electronics show.

This event is a celebration of video communications.

Come for a day of collaboration, and mingle with the industry’s top live streamers.

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A totally new event experience based on your feedback!

This year we are using the new Zoom Events platform which features multiple tracks for you to choose between. Check out the new Hallway and Reunion Room to hangout with friends. Enjoy the new lobby which features live streams you can choose from.

Meet the Speakers

Entertainer: Crash Koeck

Crash is a high energy Canadian entertainer with un-paralleled audience engagement 

Crash puts on a show with unrivaled interactivity. From fully custom animations and mini-games that the audience can interact with to the conversion of games like DOOM to allow the audience to do all kinds of actions like bring in new enemies, change the controls for Crash in the middle of a fight, and even transform him into a demon – you won’t find a more interactive live show!

Visual DJ: Atom Worth

Atom Worth is a film-maker and DJ

Adam Worth is the recipient of 3 New York Emmys, and 12 total nominations. Spanning documentary, news, and narrative work, he’s been recognized by the academy in the esteemed categories of Directing, Video Journalism, Cinematography, Editing, and Societal Concerns Documentary. Atom is going to be live streaming a fun set of music and taking us behind the scenes in his studio.

Speaker: Richard Jonker

Richard is an AV-over-IP networking pro

Richard’s parents met when working for AV electronics manufacturer Philips. In his teenage years, Richard volunteered at local radio stations and as a stagehand at rock concerts. He joined NETGEAR from Apple in 2007, and has been focused on networking for ProAV ever since.

NYC Studio Tour with LiveX

Anna Cowdery is a Senior Producer
Anna has helped host and produce some of the world’s largest live streams. Including the NYC New Years’ Eve Ball Drop. This year Anna is going to give us a behind-the-scenes tour of the LiveX studio and answer questions from the chat about the latest technology they are using.

Speaker: Lon Seidman

Lon is a New Media Content Creator
Lon.TV talks about #tech, #gaming, #computers, #technology, and #consumerelectronics on his wide-reaching social media channels. Lon will give us a behind-the-scenes tour of his video content creation workflow and answer questions from you!

Keynote Speaker: Luria Petrucci

Luria is back for another keynote this year!
Luria has worked with the industry’s top professionals helping to grow their brand and influence with live video. Luria’s presentation will focus on faster audience and business growth through the use of authentic live video communications.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in live streaming

We are living in a digital age. Live streaming is now the fastest, most authentic way to reach an audience. If you’re interested live streaming, this is an event you won’t want to miss.




Two words: Interactivity & Engagement. Live streaming is interactive, and it’s your opportunity to boost audience engagement in creative memorable ways.


Marketing Professionals & Content Creators

Live video production isn’t easy. That’s the truth. This summit will prepare your team with forward-thinking plans of action that can lead the way.


Brands, Businesses, and Creative Minds

Live streaming is perhaps the latest new trend in online communications. Learning how to harness these capabilities can streamline your next creative campaign.

DJ Atom Worth will provide the entertainment

Adam's live performances mix music video visuals with live streaming magic...

The 2021 Schedule:


Starting at: 11:45 AM EST (8:45AM PST)

Twitch personality Crash Koeck gets us ready with a studio tour and our first official Twitch Raid of the day. Crash will help us raid DJ Atom Worth’s channel to help us kick off the event.

Starting at: 12:15 PM EST (9:15AM PST)

DJ Atom Worth kicks off the Summit with Live Entertainment.

Starting at: 1:00 PM EST (10:00AM PST)

Richard Jonker will review the ins and outs of networking for ProAV specifically for live streaming and bringing your equipment on-site.

Starting at: 1:20 PM EST (10AM PST)

Live from NYC, we will tour the LiveX studios.

Starting at: 1:45 PM EST (10:45AM PST)

Get techy with Lon.TV, behind the scenes at Lon’s home studio.

Starting at: 2:30 PM EST (11:30AM PST)

Let’s get excited with Luria Petrucci for this inspiring Keynote.

Starting at: 3:15 PM EST (12:15PM PST)

It’s time to network and collaborate in the StreamGeeks open Zoom session. This is only available to those who registered.

Awesome Giveaway

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There are multiple prizes and winners will be announced during the Summit so stay tuned. Register to win here.

Live streaming is changing the way the world consumes media.

It’s happening faster than most of us can keep up with.

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