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Certified your Studio & Partner with the StreamGeeks®

  1. Let us help you build a state of the art live streaming studio for on-site customer demonstrations, remote presentations, high powered marketing videos, webinars and *paid studio time (optional).
  2. Join our Certified Studio Partner Program and get qualified leads from the StreamGeeks marketing engine & website. Our goals is to make you succeed as a technology demonstration center, reseller and *service provider (optional).
  3. Become a preferred local destination for technology demonstrations featured on StreamGeeks website and weekly marketing videos
  4. Special introductory demo gear pricing
  5. Localized Promotional Marketing Campaign at certified.
    1. Integrated marketing campaign with StreamGeeks and Partner
    2. Partner Chooses target market and demographics with StreamGeeks insights
  6. Proven Business Plan & Referral Network
  7. Keep 100% of all profits!
  8. Priority SteamGeeks Support
    1. Training to provide
  9. StreamGeeks Training Session at launch.
  10. Ongoing Training once a year

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