Video Production Cable Weight || Lightening Your Load

Written by on October 10, 2017

Cabling can be a heavy burden to bear. Live streaming equipment often allows us to lighten the load for our set up and saves us time and money.

Cable Weight || How to Shed Some lb’s

Something often experienced but often un-expressed is the sometimes painful amount of cabling used in video production. Whether you’re tripping over wires in your static studio or traveling with a mobile studio, cables can be a hassle. The more customers we talk to and learn from, the more we keep hearing about the troubles of cabling. For us, it’s often the misplacement of or tripping over that’s a particular problem :). For our friend Ken Richer of Richer Productions, it’s the weight.

heavy cables
As pictured here, these are all the cables Ken used to need to support a high-quality event stream. Like many streamers, he is a one or two-man team. This means he is solely responsible for lugging all of his equipment, including these wires, to each event space. Just the thought of rolling them up gives me a headache!

Not just that, but the mess of plugging these wires into his system is daunting. Live streaming equipment does not have to be this way anymore. We’re here to help you with that.

cable mess




Ken has managed to bring his production to IP. With two PTZ cameras, his laptop, and two ethernet cords, he’s able to power, connect, and control his entire video production. This is what he has to lug around now. Live streaming saves you time, money, and can even take some weight off of your shoulders ;). We’ve developed a free cabling weight guide for you to see how much your cabling truly weighs, and how you can shed some lb’s. streaming setup





For more on setting up your live production system, check out this video on building and designing a streaming studio/set.




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