The Unofficial Guide to vMix

Finally a complete guide to vMix

The Unofficial Guide to vMix is the perfect book for anyone interested in live video production with vMix software. vMix is one of the most powerful video production solutions available for live streaming, recording and IP video connectivity today. This easily readable book, will take you from zero to sixty in the live streaming world. Open your eyes to the possibilities of modern video production, and increase your capabilities with the industry’s top video production solution, vMix.

vMix is a software that is used by the world’s top broadcasters. But it is also affordable enough for businesses, churches, and organizations of all kinds to set up powerful live streaming solutions on a budget. vMix can turn a regular Windows computer into a modern video production studio, which is helping thousands of users around the world leverage the power of live streaming technology and connect their ideas with the world. Find out why this software makes live video production more accessible and powerful than you have ever imagined, with an invaluable guide that will get you up to speed in a matter of hours.

  • Free Download via PDF
  • Available on Kindle and Paperback on Amazon
  • Take your vMix skills to the next level with an companion online course here.
  • Go from Zero to Sixty in a matter of hours
  • Deep dive into the advanced vMix features
  • This book covers, audio, VST 3 plugins, Multiview, streaming, recording, overlays, vMix social, shortcuts, GT title editor, vMix call, the web controller, color correction tools, virtual sets, PTZ camera controls, NDI, virtual webcams, playlists, data sources, instant replays, triggers and the vMix API.

Author Paul Richards, the Chief Streaming Officer for StreamGeeks, outlines each and every feature of vMix in this clear and cohesive book. Every chapter features detailed pictures and explanations that are expanded upon in the online Udemy course. From the basics of video production to advanced virtual sets and social media integrations, this book will take your vMix skills to the next level.

Go further with live video streaming and read The Unofficial Guide to vMix. Make the most out of a free 60 day trial of vMix with this handy book by your side. If your organization is using vMix, this is the perfect resource for training volunteers and new employees. Whether you are upgrading from OBS or simply building the live streaming system of your dreams, this book can help. 

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Start Learning vMix

  • What is vMix. Learn here
  • Getting Started with the vMix interface here
  • Learn how to work with vMix inputs here
  • Mixing Inputs Together with vMix Multiview here
  • Learn about vMix titles here
  • Learn how to mix Audio in vMix here
  • Learn how to use VST3 audio plugins with vMix here
  • Learn all about vMix settings here
  • Learn about how to use vMix Full Screen and Multiview here
  • Learn how to record video with vMix here
  • Learn how to live stream with vMix here
  • Learn how to use vMix video overlay channels here
  • Learn how to make Stinger Transitions in vMix here
  • Learn how to use social media comments in your live stream with vMix Social here
  • Learn how to use vMix shortcuts here
  • Learn how to use GT Title Editor to make custom vMix titles here
  • How to use vMix Call to bring guests in your live stream here
  • How to control vMix remotely with the web controller here
  • How to use vMix color correction tools here
  • How to use virtual sets with vMix here
  • How to use NDI with vMix here
  • How to control PTZ cameras in vMix here
  • Learn how to connect vMix with Zoom using the virtual webcam output here
  • Learn how to use automated playlists with vMix here
  • Learn how to use data sources with vMix here
  • Learn how to use vMix triggers here

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What’s in the book? Here is an outline

  1. What is vMix?
  2. Getting Started
    1. The Interface
    2. Adding Inputs & Input Settings
    3. Mixing Inputs together with multiviews
    4. Working with Titles
  3. Audio
    1. Audio Plugins
  4. vMix Basics
    1. vMix Settings
    2. Full Screen and Multiview
    3. Recording Video
    4. Live Streaming
    5. Video Overlay Channels
    6. Using vMix Social
  5. Advanced vMix Features
    1. vMix Shortcuts
    2. vMix GT Title Editor
    3. Using vMix Call
    4. Using the Web Controller
  6. Deep Dive
    1. Color correction tools
    2. Virtual Sets
    3. PTZ Cameras
    4. Adding an NDI sources in vMix
    5. External Output (Connecting with Zoom)
    6. Using the Playlists
    7. Data Sources
  7. Mastering vMix
    1. Instant Replay
    2. How to use Triggers
    3. vMix API for developers

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