StreamGeeks Esports Scholarship – 2020

$1,000 Esports Scholarship

For excellence in esports live streaming and video production

The StreamGeeks Esports Scholarship is designed for student excellence in live streaming and video production. This scholarship is available to students producing live video content for esports or competitive online video gaming. Students are asked to submit an essay about their experience live streaming an esports tournament, club gathering or other school esports related event.

Over the past decade, online video gaming has begun to leverage live streaming technologies to reach large audiences online. History has shown us that communication tools such as radio, television, and the internet have the power to transform the world. Starting with the written word and the printing press, communications have been enhanced by the latest technologies available. Today the internet has created a new horizon for online communications that has set the foundations for many parts of Esports and streaming media.

As Esports continues to grow, the StreamGeeks have remained determined to help students from around the world learn more about the live streaming technologies used in the industry. Based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, the StreamGeeks host a live show every Monday to review the latest technologies being used for video production. Paul Richards the Chief Streaming Officer for the StreamGeeks recently published a book called EsportsEDU, and with this book.


  • Must be accepted or currently enrolled in a U.S.-based college or university
  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Must be a citizen of the U.S.

Submission Requirements:


  • Write an essay between 1,000 and 1,500 words on your experience with Esports and how it relates to live streaming. Highlight how streaming is used and what you anticipate for the future of the medium for that industry.
  • Grammar and spelling will be considered. Any plagiarism will disqualify the candidate immediately. Submissions must be made by May 10, 2020.

Submission Instructions:

Please e-mail all submissions with name, school attending, and attached essay to [email protected].

Award Information:

The selected winner will receive a $1,000 check that they can use toward educational purchases.

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