Remote AV Management with NDI Cameras

Written by on June 19, 2024

Remote AV Management with NDI Cameras

At StreamGeeks, we’re always on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies that can transform the way we produce and manage video content. One such innovation is PTZOptics’ Hive platform, a game-changer in the realm of remote AV management, especially when it comes to NDI cameras in educational settings.

AV Monitoring Education

AV Monitoring Education

The Evolution of AV Management

As video production enthusiasts, we understand the importance of having reliable and efficient AV management systems. The ability to control and monitor AV equipment remotely can save time, reduce technical issues, and enhance the overall production quality. PTZOptics’ Hive is designed to do just that, providing a seamless solution for managing NDI cameras from anywhere in the world.

Remote AV Management Software Hive

Remote AV Management Software Hive

Introducing Hive

Hive is an advanced platform that offers powerful remote management capabilities for AV systems. It’s particularly effective for NDI cameras, which are known for their high-quality video output and versatility in various production environments. Hive’s user-friendly interface and robust feature set make it an ideal tool for anyone looking to optimize their AV workflows.

Key Benefits

1. Remote Control: With Hive, you can manage your NDI cameras remotely, making adjustments on the fly without needing to be physically present. This is perfect for live streaming events, virtual productions, and educational broadcasts.

2. High-Quality Video: Hive ensures that your NDI cameras deliver top-tier video quality, which is crucial for professional-looking streams and recordings. No more worrying about video degradation or lag.

3. Ease of Use: The intuitive design of Hive means that even those with minimal technical knowledge can effectively control and monitor their AV systems. This democratizes high-quality video production, making it accessible to more people.

4. Scalable Solutions: Whether you’re running a small live stream or managing a large-scale production, Hive can scale to meet your needs. It’s versatile enough to handle various production sizes and complexities.

The Broadcast and AV Convergence

One of the most exciting aspects of Hive is how it bridges the gap between traditional broadcast technology and modern AV solutions. This convergence allows for the use of high-quality broadcast standards in everyday AV applications, opening up new possibilities for live streaming, remote learning, and more.

Remote Production - Education

Remote Production – Education

Practical Applications

Imagine hosting a virtual conference with multiple camera angles, all controlled remotely via Hive. You can switch between speakers, zoom in on audience questions, and even manage lighting and audio settings, all from a central location. This level of control ensures a smooth and professional production, enhancing the viewing experience for your audience.

In an educational setting, Hive enables teachers to focus on delivering content rather than managing technical issues. Whether it’s a virtual classroom, a live demonstration, or a remote guest lecture, Hive ensures that the AV systems are up to the task, providing a seamless and engaging learning experience.


At StreamGeeks, we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with video production technology. PTZOptics’ Hive is a powerful tool that can revolutionize the way we manage and produce AV content, particularly with NDI cameras. By offering remote control, high-quality video, and ease of use, Hive empowers producers, educators, and content creators to deliver exceptional experiences to their audiences.

Explore the potential of Hive and see how it can transform your AV management workflows. Join us as we dive into the future of remote AV management and discover new ways to enhance your productions.

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