A Bubble Machine, a Confetti Cannon, and a YouTuber walk into a room… That’s the start of something really special and this week we are fundraising for an incredible organization that helps Crime Victims in our local area of Chester County Pennsylvania. Earlier this year we had Kathleen Gast from the CVC (Crime Victims Center) of Chester County on our show and we raised over $2,000 on our live show. Now that we have learned how to use YouTube’s new Super Chat feature to launch Confetti Cannons, Bubble Cannons and other smart devices we are more than excited to do this fundraiser again.

“We are so happy to be working with the Chester County Crime Victims Center again” says Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer at the StreamGeeks. “We have already raised over $2,000 for the non-profit organization. We hope to provide a guide for other nonprofits looking for exciting ways to fundraise.”

Download our Over The Top Fundraising Guide

This download now includes all of our pre-built titles for creating live titles in vMix. You can actually use these titles in almost any live streaming software because we have provided the .psd photoshop files. Give them a try along with our detailed guide on live streaming and fundraising.

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