LiveU Solo for Wireless Streaming with a Backpack

Written by on October 15, 2018

Today the StreamGeeks tackle “in real life” streaming and all the technology you need to go completely mobile with your live streams. Whether you’re a business, a brand or a content creator, bringing professional live streaming anywhere with a cellular signal is a great way to transport your audience somewhere new and exciting.

First of all the geeks dig into all the technology used in there IRL backpack.  The backpack includes a cellular bonding technology from LiveU call the solo.  This cellular bonding video encoder allows you to take an HDMI video signal from your camera and live stream with a high enough that rate to maintain high-quality video for long periods of time.  We have our live you solo connected to wireless USB cellular modem’s and one AT&T nighthawk connected via ethernet.  We are using a new cellular service plan designed for live streaming with unlimited data from  To make things even more interesting the stream gigs or live streaming from their backpack to a cloud-based server which is able to provide redundancy and simulcasting.  Simulcasting is a term that describes live streaming to multiple destinations at the same time.  this cloud-based server allows the stream used to send one high-quality high bit rate RTMP stream directly to easy live which can then disseminate the RTMP streams to multiple locations such as Facebook live YouTube and Twitch.
IRL Live Streaming with Backpack

IRL Live Streaming with Backpack

The StreamGeeks’s will be at NAB New York which is the largest broadcast and television trade show in New York City this week.  They are using this technology as a business to hype up their marketing and presence at this influential technology trade show.  in our latest podcast we talk about how churches small businesses and brands are using this type of in real life behind the scenes live streaming to serve their all light audience.  Don’t forget to check out our podcast which goes into more detail on these topics.

The Podcast above notes some of the interesting and important parts about mobile live streaming and our setup. Below are the key component included in our mobile streaming backpack:

  • LiveU Solo
  • SONY AS300
  • PowerOak 50,000mh battery
  • Wireless Modems from AT&T and Verizon
  • Unlimited Live Streaming plan from
  • EasyLive Cloud Based Server

We highly recommend getting out of your studio or normal video creation space and using this type of technology to connect with your audience and take them on a behind the scene/back stage journey with you. The Geeks talk about multiple possible monetization options and ideal scenarios for the mobile live streaming technology you may find interesting.


Wireless Twitch Live Streaming

Wireless Twitch Live Streaming

Some of the considerations we made when designing a completely wireless mobile live streaming backpack has to do with the camera and image stabilization. Having a stable connection for live streaming to your content delivery network is critical when you’re going mobile.  That is why we selected the Sony AS300 action camera.  The camera outputs a clean HDMI video signal along with a wide angle lens and incredible image stabilization. We are also very happy with the audio quality which is enhanced with the simple wind filter placed around the microphone. The Sony AS300 action camera is also able to be charged simultaneously which allows the mobile backpack to go for hours on a single charge with our power oak battery pack.  This mobile streaming backpack system can live stream for over 15 hours at a time.

The other incredibly important portion of this mobile live streaming backpack is cellular service available for a  These services are built specifically for unlimited data access used for live streaming.  Most cellular data plans that advertise unlimited capabilities that actually have data caps which are useless for live streaming after a certain amount of data is used.  The data plans available for from a limited IRL are completely unlimited which is ideal for live streaming.  Visa limited cellular plans paired with the live you solos cellular bonding technology creates a very powerful combination for live streamers.  Finally connecting this high-quality high band with video stream to the cloud provides redundancy and simulcasting and capabilities.

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