Low-Bandwidth Remote Production Workflow

Written by on May 17, 2024

vMix Remote Production Workflow
The StreamGeeks are hosting a live stream on Monday May 20th, to demonstrate a new low-bandwidth remote production workflow. The workflow uses 4 PTZOptics Move SE cameras connected to vMix with NDI HX 3. Those same 4 cameras are connected to PTZOptics Hive for remote production. The cameras are also connected to Hive are using the second lower bandwidth stream. Those cameras will use a 720p 4Mbps stream. The main NDI cameras connected to vMix will use a high quality NDI HX 3 connection which is approximately 60Mbps. This workflow allows for efficient cloud usages of the upload speeds available and distribution of video via the cloud. Once the cameras are connected to Hive the StreamGeeks team will share PTZ camera control access to the live audience to demonstrate remote PTZ camera controls. The team will host a Zoom Meeting for intercoms and communication during this live stream.
Remote Production Bandwidth

Remote Production Bandwidth

The image above shows the StreamGeeks studio layout. These are the cameras, microphones, and live streaming computer used.

Remote Production Bandwidth

In the ever-evolving landscape of live streaming, effective bandwidth management is crucial for ensuring high-quality broadcasts. The StreamGeeks team is excited to introduce a new workflow that optimizes remote production bandwidth, leveraging the capabilities of PTZOptics Move SE cameras and advanced NDI technology. This blog post will delve into the details of our innovative setup and how it can benefit your live streaming efforts.
Understanding Bandwidth for Remote Production

Understanding Bandwidth for Remote Production

Innovative Workflow for High-Quality Live Streaming

Our upcoming live stream webinar will showcase this cutting-edge workflow in action. We are using four PTZOptics Move SE cameras as the core of our setup, capturing crisp, dynamic video footage. These cameras are integrated with vMix using NDI HX 3, a high-quality video over IP protocol. This setup ensures robust video streams at 60Mbps, delivering exceptional video quality.

Efficient Bandwidth Management with PTZOptics Hive

In addition to the high-quality NDI streams, we connect the same four cameras to PTZOptics Hive for remote production. Here, we utilize the second, lower bandwidth stream, set at 720p and 4Mbps. This approach significantly reduces the strain on upload speeds while maintaining solid video output for remote production tasks. By balancing high and lower bandwidth streams, we ensure efficient use of available upload speeds, which is vital for maintaining smooth, uninterrupted live broadcasts.

Optimizing Cloud Resources for Seamless Video Distribution

Our workflow takes full advantage of cloud technology, facilitating seamless video distribution to our remote production team and audience. This strategic approach ensures high-quality video while maximizing cloud resources, allowing for efficient and reliable live streaming.

Interactive Remote PTZ Camera Control

One of the most exciting aspects of our webinar is the interactive remote PTZ camera control. Once the cameras are connected to Hive, we will share PTZ control access with our live audience, allowing them to experience the capabilities firsthand. To enhance interactivity, we will host a Zoom Meeting for intercoms and communication, enabling real-time feedback and engagement, fostering a more immersive and collaborative experience.

Why This Workflow Matters for Live Streaming

The StreamGeeks team is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in live streaming and remote production. This workflow demonstrates a strategic approach to bandwidth management, ensuring high-quality video while maximizing cloud resources. It also highlights the potential of interactive technology, bringing our audience closer to the action and showcasing the versatility of PTZOptics Move SE cameras and Hive.

Join Us for the Future of Remote Production

Join us for this live stream webinar and witness the future of remote production. See how efficient bandwidth management and innovative technology can transform your live streaming experience. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the StreamGeeks team!

 Conclusion: Elevate Your Live Streaming with StreamGeeks

By integrating high-quality NDI connections with efficient remote production strategies, this workflow represents a significant leap forward in live streaming. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, there’s plenty to learn and explore in our upcoming webinar. Don’t miss it!

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