PTZOptics Live – New YouTube Live API v3 – Post Show Demo w/ Derral Eves

PTZOptics June 17, 2017

In this live stream hosted on YouTube we talk to Derral Eve’s about YouTube Live streaming and the new YouTube API v3. Paul demonstrates our latest integrations with the YouTube API v3 allowing us to bring in live comments and data into our broadcast. Derral talks to us about the Google / YouTube algorithm and working with tips to rank higher on YouTube. Derral tells us about Vidcon and we get a special look at StreamCon as well!

In Season 2, Episode 28, we are joined LIVE by Derral Eves, YouTube phenomenon. Derral has used his skills in audience engagement, growth, and content creation, to gain near 400,000 subscribers. Derral is going to talk to us about how he has become the YouTube Guru, and where he sees live streaming in his future.

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