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Course Work: Video Animations   Now that we have created a graphic to be used inside OBS as a lower third let’s create a basic video file in Adobe After Effects. Let’s create a simple video intro file that will be 10 seconds in length. We will start much as we did in Adobe Photoshop […]

  Course Work: Graphic Design   Let’s discuss graphic design as it applies to live video production. For our online course, Tess is making a lower-third graphics overlay for a live video production we will be streaming from Castle La Bam at the end of this book. A lower third is a graphic that is […]

  How the Griswold High School Uses vMix to Produce The Morning Announcements   I have seen a lot of vMix systems in my career and the Griswold High School morning announcements system is one that makes me smile just thinking about it. The school has managed to involve over 10 real-time student-run operational roles. […]

Morning Announcements   It’s no surprise that student retention rates skyrocket when it comes to hands-on learning (MicroTek, 2017). Hands-on learning increases our engagement because it provides us the opportunity to interact with subject matter in a way that feels real. When it comes to understanding broadcast television and streaming media, there is no better […]

Good for you! You are interested in taking your broadcast club experience to the next level with ABC2. The Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum (ABC2) is a 100% free online e-learning course designed to accelerate extra-curricular learning for student members of broadcast clubs around the world. Learning through the ABC2 program is supported by this book […]

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