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Written by on April 4, 2024

Revolutionizing Video Production: April Insights from StreamGeeks

The ChatGPT Revolution: Transforming Video Production Jobs

Did you know about 60% of today’s jobs didn’t exist in 1940? The live stream producer certainly didn’t… We recently posted a video about ChatGPT’s effect on the production industry. Spoiler alert: it’s making a major impact. In general, ChatGPT is suggesting to millions of users to launch video campaigns, because there has been a 60% increase in jobs posted for video production and editing. You can read more about that interesting topic here

NDI Support Chat Bot

NDI Support Chat Bot

Meet Your New Digital Assistants: AI-Powered Video Production Tools

Looking for some extra help around the studio? Matthew Davis, our lead engineer at PTZOptics, has released several helpful video production chatbots, including one for vMix (here), one for NDI (here), and one for PTZOptics (here). I find these tools surprisingly helpful because they are trained on many knowledge base articles and reliable online information. Still, be careful with the output, and double-check the information before your next live stream. If you’re using them for troubleshooting and learning, you should be A-OK. 

Cinema Industry Shake-Up: Nikon Acquires RED

Nikon acquires RED in an exciting turn of events for the cinema industry. While the writers are on strike and Hollywood has been on a roller-coaster, camera companies seem bullish on their future. Nikon is one of the big Japanese camera companies that could tame the wild West Coast cinema camera makers. I like this merger because of Nikon’s R&D potential muscle and outreach. I will be on the lookout at the Nikon booth at NAB, but I expect more will come to fruition around CES next year. 

Exclusive Sneak Peek: NAB Highlights & Introducing ‘Hive’

What to expect at NAB? 

Well, as you may know, we are preparing to go to NAB next week. And I wanted to give our audience a little preview of what we plan to release at PTZOptics. We have been working hard on a new product called Hive. It’s a cloud-based video production solution that will give you control of your PTZ camera from anywhere in the world. It’s a video switcher and PTZ controller designed to be collaborative, so sharing access to the production is as easy as sharing a Google doc. Depending on when you are reading this, some news may be out, and our webpage, may have some new videos and info on there. Either way, sign up for BETA access and let me know your thoughts!

Other news at NAB… Don’t miss the JB&A pre-show, where you can get free beer and pizza the day before NAB. It’s at the LINQ; here is the signup link. Also, I’m excited to see what Blackmagic will announce this year. They have kept things under wraps, and I think something big is coming. 

Working with the OBS team

Working with the OBS team

The AI Frontier in Video Editing: Insights and Predictions

Finally, I’m interested to hear what the broadcast and streaming community thinks about OpenAI’s SORA. From my vantage point at StreamGeeks, we are adopting these new tools and are plowing forward. We are seeing some real tangible progress gains in our post production workflows. But SORA (here are the video clips), made my jaw drop. Photorealistic AI-generated videos are just a little behind my friends. I have been tracking the progress in AI-PTZ camera movements closely (no pun intended) and the progress is wonderful. Auto-tracking PTZ cameras feel like a great innovation, coming from an innovative area of the camera industry. 

SORA is currently being tested by Hollywood, which is interesting. If SORA can pass the Hollywood test, imagine how great it will be for the general public. Drawing a parallel between AI-generated video content and robotically controlled PTZ cameras, things that were once impossible, are now possible. So far, these innovations have been great for the industry, creating more jobs than ever before, and enabling areas of the market that are under-served.

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