Small Business Live Streaming Jump Start Guide

The StreamGeeks are proud to announce a partnership with our local Chamber of Commerce and Business Improvement District. We are leveraging these relationships to help share insights for businesses using these types of resources in their local communities.

What this guide includes:

  1. Determine a compelling way to tell your businesses story to the world.
    1. Consider setting up a live giveaway to promote positive reviews and social sharing for your business
  2. Determine which social media platforms you would like to engage
  3. Consider your value add and video layout
  4. Seek out local resources like the BID (Business Improvement District) or Chamber of Commerce.

#1 Determine a Compelling Story for your Business

This is your chance to expose your business to large audiences on social media. The more interesting your presentation is the more likely viewers will become engaged. Think of a sales funnel. First we attract an audience. Then we convert and close. Don’t forget to delight your current customers as well!

Consider a Live Giveaway

A live giveaway encourages more live viewers. The more facetime you get on your video the more likely your audience will engage with your business.  The giveaway can promote social media actions. You can request reviews from your audience on Google and Facebook. Getting creative with a great giveaway can really boost your project’s effectiveness.

#2 Choose a Social Media Platform

Many small businesses have already invested in a Facebook page and built their audience here. Facebook Live is a new tool that can expose your business to larger audiences. Consider boosting your post to the audience “those who like your page and their friends”.

#3 What is your Videos Value Add

Think about your audience and cater to what you know about them. Does your audience expect a professional live stream or simple selfie video from a cell phone? Consider how you can encourage your audience to take the next step. Is that a phone call? Scheduling a meeting?

#4 Seek Out Local Resources

What is a business improvement district?

A business improvement district (BID) is a defined area within which businesses are required to pay an additional tax (or levy) in order to fund projects within the district’s boundaries.

  • increase customer traffic and sales
  • retain, expand and recruit viable businesses
  • to advocate the interests of downtown to government agencies

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