Celebrating a Decade at NAB Show and Embracing the Future

Written by on February 29, 2024

StreamGeeks March Newsletter

This Super Bowl had a record 59M female viewers (possibly thanks to T. Swift). Have you noticed more women in the ProAV and Broadcast industry? I’m excited to see the trends from the NAB Show this year. Tess Protesto the live streaming extraordinaire, and my co-host for over 8 years, has been a trail-blazer for young women in the broadcast industry. During our most recent StreamGeeks Summit she joined a panel for women in the Pro AV industry co-hosted by Britt Yenser . Is it about time more women entered the tech industry? Let me know what you think.

The 2024 NAB Show is Coming!

The 2024 NAB Show is Coming

The 2024 NAB Show is Coming

Speaking of NAB, it’s only 30 days away! The National Association of Broadacsters Show is the biggest live streaming and video production event of the year. This year Tess and I have been invited to help host the official NAB show live stream. We are also hosting a 10 year anniversary party for PTZOptics on the first day of NAB. We will have hats, shirts and other great giveaways. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years and I look forward to seeing many of you there!

I remember the first time I met Tom Sinclair from the Streaming Idiots… I gave him a BIG hug and it was my first introduction to the community that is the NAB Crew attending NAB.

Meeting friends and building the industry

Matt Davis and Andrew Cross

Matt Davis and Andrew Cross

I always look forward to the day before the show starts when all the vendors are frantically setting up. I love to stop by the vMix booth to see the Austrailians, cool as a cucumber. Tim Vandenberg and Martin Sinclair are absolute legends in the industry for turning a small streaming software company into the premiere streaming software in the industry. If you have been to NAB the past few years, you may have noticed vMix has their logo on the lanyards. It’s been a blast to watch their David and Goliath story at NAB each year. Tess is putting together a really fun schedule for NAB, so let us know if you are attending. Check out the Las Vegas Sphere anyone?

100 Days until InfoComm

Once NAB is over, it’s back to reality, but a few months later in June we can all get a little more technical and visit the mecca for audio visual professionals. This crew is totally different in the best way possible. We get a bunch more folks from Higher Education and Business looking for the latest video conferencing and communication solutions. InfoComm is also going to be in Vegas this year. If you didn’t get to NAB maybe InfoComm is more up your alley?

It’s interesting to compare and contrast NAB and InfoComm each year. Large companies like Newtek (now Vizrt) and Grass Valley, barely attend InfoComm and vice versa with NAB. You won’t see ProAV giants like Crestron and Logitech in a big way at NAB. I feel super blessed to be attending both with equal importance here at PTZOptics and of course at StreamGeeks.

If you can’t make it to either of these events, let us know how we can do a better job bringing you along remotely. We will 100% be live streaming and connecting with you via the chat. We will definitely be shooting fun and silly videos from behind the scenes each day on our YouTube channel. So follow along and let us know what you want to see!

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