ASHLY DigiMix 18 Review

Written by on June 26, 2018

In this video, we review the ASHLY DIGIMIX18 and talk about why we purchased this digital audio mixer for our live video production system. The first thing to know about the ASHLY DigiMix 18 is that the design includes just one physical audio fader. This mechanical fader is meant to switch quickly between the available 18 audio sources with the select buttons on each channel. This core design innovation allows the audio mixer to save space and reduce cost on an 18 channel mixer of this level.

Ashly Audio DigiMix18 Review

One of the main reasons I purchased this ASHLY DigiMix18 Audio Mixer is because of the expansion slots available on the back of the unit. I purchased this audio mixer for $899 with an additional USB 3.0 expansion card to allow for ASIO audio driver capabilities. ASIO Drivers (Audio Stream In and Out) allow producers to access each audio channel individually instead of the entire mix in one source when connected to your computer. Therefore if you are using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or video production software you can bring in each audio source as a unique input and apply advanced effects such as VST3 plugins.

In our video, we briefly mention some of the Waves Audio VST3 plugins we have been using for enhancing our audio inside our video production. We generally use vMix for our video production and as of vMix 20 we can apply VST3 plugins directly on audio inputs. In our longer review and webinar here – ( we review the vocal rider, noise suppression and guitar VST3 plugins we have been using on our audio to enhance the overall sound.

AShly Audio DigiMix18 Inputs

Keep in mind that it’s always best practice to do most of your audio mixing inside the mixer before it is sent to your video production or DAW software. Use the mixer! Don’t rely on your computer especially for live video production where you want to conserve your CPU power. Nowadays computer processors are faster than ever and I don’t really mind putting a little extra on my 8th generation i7 processor. But if you are using older CPU computers consider using your mixer and minimizing compression done on the computer.

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