Camera Color Matching in OBS & Color Correction Tools

Written by on January 26, 2019

Camera Color Matching in OBS

Plus Color Correction & LUT Tools

Learning how to use the basic color correction and LUTs (Look up Table) inside OBS can help producers get a better-looking production. Making sure that your production has good color is what a “colorist” does on a Hollywood set. Inside OBS, we have basic color correction tools that can help producers make adjustments on the fly during live video production. Color correction tools also allows producers to make final exposure adjustments with live video sources. You will always want to do all of your camera exposure settings inside the camera itself, but many times you don’t want to overexpose your camera’s image. Many professional video producers will set their cameras up with a slightly underexposed setting to put the final touches on inside their video production software. In this way, you can make sure you are not crushing the black or clipping the whites before these exposures ever make it into OBS.

Finally, you can apply at LUT (Look Up Table) on any OBS source which can give you live video input a certain look. Depending on y our application it may be useful to add even minimal opacity LUTs to color match multiple cameras inside open broadcaster software.

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