How much should live streaming services cost?

Written by on November 5, 2018

Are you interested in live streaming a special event, product announcement or community outreach project? Live streaming is so powerful because it holds the power to connect people all around the world with your next big idea. Engaging live video content is the modern bridge between online community on social media and your business. Here at the StreamGeeks, we are constantly looking for ways to increase audience engagement, social media reach and ultimately real business outcomes. But how much should live streaming an event cost if you don’t have any equipment or expertise?

Professional Live Streaming Services

Professional Live Streaming Services

Luckily, you can always whip out your phone, which is hopefully connected to a reliable WiFi network and start an off-the-cuff live stream. But for many larger events, with more important goals, your business needs to think bigger in order to reap the benefits. When it comes to live streaming it’s important to understand the power of a live audience and their ability to share your content with their network. Everyone in the world is connected within six degrees of separation and your message can quickly spread online with the right mix of quality presentation and live audience engagement.

Virtual Ticket Sales

The first thing to think about is the presentation style for the event. Do you want to provide an exclusive behind the scenes look for viewers online or an all-business television-style presentation? Generally, you can pay a video production company to set up a multi-camera television-style presentation for roughly $100-250 per hour which will include costs for setup and breakdown of all the equipment. In today’s day and age, you can also higher video production companies to stream a professional mobile production allowing your coverage to span miles, throughout your city, museum or party.

Types of live streaming and event services

Types of live streaming and event services

Some events, like Vidsummit, which is YouTuber Conference in Los Angeles California uses a mix of both. The event monetizing their live streaming capabilities by selling virtual tickets. These tickets include access to the events on-demand videos for viewers to watch up to 1 year later. The conference uses IRL (In Real Life) Streaming wireless backpacks, to allow hosts to generate hype for the event on social media. The paying customers with virtual tickets than gain access to professional multi-camera video production streams hosted in the main ballrooms and educational conference areas. As you can see there are many ways to use live streaming to amplify your businesses goals. Whether you are simply trying to gain more attention leveraging social media or driving increased ticket sales with a private content delivery network, the opportunities are limitless.

If you are a video production company that offers live streaming services, contact the StreamGeeks about joining our referral network. If you are a business trying to prepare for an upcoming event, consider downloading our free guide titled “10 Questions to Ask before hiring a live streaming company” found at

  1. Video Production before or after event
    1. Ideal for video premieres
    2. Highlight reels and promos segments
  2. Live Streaming Setup
    1. Hourly generally $100-250
    2. Setup and Breakdown included
    3. Pricing can vary on amount of cameras, microphones and equipment provided
    4. Minimum 2-5 hours per event
    5. Graphic Design Work
    6. Streaming vs Recording
    7. Virtual Ticket Sales
      1. Profit Sharing
      2. Setup Fee
    8. Ideal for Television Style Productions
      1. Sports
      2. Music concerts
      3. Corporate Events
      4. Government Meeting
      5. Weddings
  3. IRL Setup
    1. Hourly suggested $200 but Zero setup and breakdown
    2. Limited to a single camera
    3. Cloud Server Recommended
    4. Minimum 2-5 hours per event
      1. Ideal for Behind the Scenes Experiences
        1. Sprawling local events
        2. Parades
        3. Parties
        4. Trade shows
  4. Training /Consulting
    1. Does the organization have a champion who is willing to learn
    2. Do they need to purchase equipment?
      1. Installation Services
  5. Building Case Studies
    1. Our experiences and work
    2. Upcoming Real Estate Case Study
    3. Becoming the source for annual or seasonal events

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