Setting up your next live streaming studio

Written by on June 16, 2017

How to Set Up Your Set

So you’ve figured out that live streaming can be extremely profitable for your business. You’ve learned that social media platforms are pushing live content substantially more than pre-recorded or written content. You’re ready to invest some time and money into developing a live production. What next? What do you need? Well, you need space. Space, that is, to go LIVE. A live streaming studio!

For some, it may be an office, for others, perhaps, a boardroom. For me, it’s my own bedroom. Here are some tips on choosing the right space to stream from:

  1. Have a designated spot….Your own little slice of studio heaven.
  2. Consider the lighting…If you want to save a little cash by using natural lighting, make sure your studio has a bright room, perhaps with window light facing the set.
  3.  Make it private… If in the office, somewhere you won’t hear phone calls or someone chomping down their salad. If at home, somewhere the doors can be shut and you can’t hear the kids playing.
  4. Pinterest…This is how I plan pretty much everything in my life, from a design standpoint. I found creating a Pinterest board of decor that would fit the theme of our show to be very helpful.
  5. Theme…Keep your audience in mind. What pieces would they connect with or want to see in your set?
  6. Budget…Have a set budget! It can be done quite inexpensively. Ours was built for around $600, only because we purchased a $300 desk.
  7.  Have fun! Let it represent you and your brand! If you make it speak to your show, product, or characteristics, your niche audience should see that and connect to it.


Next important thing to focus on is going to be the gear you need to go live. It can be intimidating, but I’m here to help you through that! You’ve gotten through that first very important step of having a place to stream from. Good luck on your next studio build and live streaming venture!

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