Transforming Remote Production Workflows with NDI-Embedded Devices

Hey StreamGeeks community! Let’s take a bird’s-eye view of how remote production workflows are about to get a major upgrade with NDI-Embedded devices. We’re talking PTZ cameras, encoders, and decoders all supercharged with the NDI Bridge utility. The NDI team released NDI 6.0 at the 2024 NAB Show, and hardware developers can now embed NDI into their cameras.

NDI Bridge Diagram

NDI Bridge Diagram

The Future of Remote Production

Imagine this: You’re at your broadcast studio, but your video and audio sources are spread across the globe. With NDI-Embedded PTZ cameras, encoders, and decoders, you can control, manage, and integrate all these elements as if they were right there with you. We have seen technology that can do this now such as the Magewell ControlHub and the Kiloview Cloud. NDI Emedded-devices will bring this type of technology to the free to use NDI Tool set.

NDI Embedded Bridge with PTZ Cameras

NDI Embedded Bridge with PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras

Imagine, you’ve got a PTZOptics camera at a concert in New York, another at a sports event in London, and another in your studio in LA. With the NDI Bridge utility, all these cameras are discoverable sources on your NDI network with OBS or vMix. You can switch between them effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and professional live broadcast. This might give some of us more incentive to work through the outside IP address and port forward configuration headache’s of NDI Bridge, knowing the value of remote production.

Remote Camera Control:
Need to pan, tilt, or zoom? No problem. The NDI Bridge utility allows for remote control of your PTZ cameras over WAN. It will be interesting to see what the latency will be here, because some of our earlier NDI Bridge tests determined more than 1 second of delay was needed with a buffer. The diagram below shows how NDI Bridge can also be used with PTZ joystick controllers such as the SuperJoy. The SuperJoy is an NDI-enabled PTZ joystick with the ability to search the LAN for NDI cameras to control. Because NDI Bridge works with auto-discovery the SuperJoy is able to discover, connect and control any PTZ cameras on the far end of the network.

NDI Bridge used with PTZ cameras and Tally Lights

NDI Bridge used with PTZ cameras and Tally Lights


You’re streaming a multi-location event with feeds coming in from different places. NDI-Embedded encoders at each location send high-quality, encrypted NDI streams directly to your central studio. This means less equipment, fewer headaches, and more focus on producing great content.

High-Quality Streams:
With NDI’s high bandwidth and HX3 formats, your streams maintain top-notch quality. Whether it’s a live interview or a concert, your audience gets the best viewing experience possible.


Your studio’s decoders receive NDI streams from remote locations and decode them for live production or broadcast. This ensures smooth, high-quality playback of remote feeds, making your job easier and your production seamless.

Hardware Enabled NDI Bridge Devices

Hardware Enabled NDI Bridge Devices

A Unified Production Ecosystem

With NDI-Embedded devices and the NDI Bridge utility, your production ecosystem becomes a unified network of high-quality, low-latency, and secure connections. You can manage multi-location productions with ease, collaborate with global teams in real-time, and deliver professional-grade content to your audience. Teams from different locations can work together in real-time, contributing their expertise without the need for physical presence. This opens up new possibilities for creativity and innovation. By reducing the need for extensive physical infrastructure and travel, you save on costs while maintaining high production standards.

With encrypted transmissions, your content stays secure, ensuring that your creative work is protected from unauthorized access. So, gear up, embrace the future, and let NDI-Embedded devices transform the way you handle remote production. The world is your studio—time to make the most of it!

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