New Sony Vlogging and Cinema Cameras

Written by on January 8, 2023

Check out the new Sony Vlogging cameras from CES 2023

Sony Vlogging Cameras

Sony has built an incredible camera lineup for creators that starts with simple vlogging cameras and builds up to full-frame cinema cameras that are used in Hollywood studios. From an entry-level perspective, creators can stay with the Sony brand for years as their careers evolve from content creation to more professional use of cinematography cameras. The entry-level vlogging camera lineup starts with the Sony ZV1 which is now offered with two main lens options.

The ZV1 includes a built-in optical zoom which is ideal for capturing closeup footage from a distance. The ZV1F is essentially the same camera with a built-in wide-angle 20mm lens. The ZV1F appears to have allowed Sony to reduce the cost of their entry-level point and shoots cameras to just $499. The ZV1 series offers options for creators who want to get into video and photo production with a high-quality mirrorless camera that includes all the must-have options such as a swing-out LCD confidence monitor to use while filming in front of the camera.

New Sony Vlogging Cameras

New Sony Vlogging Cameras

Sony Cinema Cameras

One of the main new cameras of interest at the Sony booth this year was the FR7. The Sony FR7 is a full frame pan, tilt, and zoom camera. The Sony FR7 is the first of its kind in the PTZ camera market offering the highest-end productions a robotically controllable camera for unique perspectives during recordings. The Sony FR7 is the first Netflix-approved PTZ camera available today. The FR7 can be remotely controlled with the Sony pan tilt and zoom camera controllers. It also supports multiple cinema-quality lenses that can be used with the full-frame sensor.

Sony Full Frame PTZ Camera FR7

Sony Full Frame PTZ Camera FR7

One of the interesting aspects of the camera line-up Sony had on display at CES this year is the progression from casual/lifestyle users and cinema production. At CES, the showroom floor for cameras was laid-out to display cameras starting at just $499 for entry-level consumers and it progressed all the way up to ten thousand dollar cameras used for Hollywood movies. This approach is interesting because it allows the entry-level Sony audience to use the same types of E-mount lenses as they upgrade their cameras for newer users. In-fact, Sony now has a new entry-level cinema camera called the Sony FX30. This is a Super-35mm sensor camera that has an entry-level price point of just $3,000. In this way, Sony is able to accommodate creators at a low price-point, mid-level creators who require more advanced features and even top-tier video production professionals working on the world’s most technical cinema projects.

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