Transforming Tennis Coaching with PTZOptics Hive and vMix

Written by on June 4, 2024


At StreamGeeks, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to leverage technology to improve live streaming experiences. Recently, we took on an exciting project: live streaming a tennis match using PTZOptics Hive and vMix. This setup not only provided a seamless viewing experience for the audience but also offered tennis coaches the ability to remotely control and analyze the footage. Here’s a detailed look at how we achieved this groundbreaking live streaming setup.

Remote PTZ Camera For Sports

Remote PTZ Camera For Sports

The Project

Our mission was to provide tennis coaches with a powerful tool for remote analysis and control. By integrating PTZOptics Hive and vMix, we created a versatile and robust system that delivered high-quality video while allowing coaches to interact with the footage in real-time.

The Technology

Remote PTZ Camera For Sports

Remote PTZ Camera For Sports

PTZOptics Hive

PTZOptics Hive was the cornerstone of our setup. This cloud-based platform allowed us to connect PTZOptics Move 4K cameras directly to the cloud, giving coaches the ability to choose and control the camera views they wanted to see. Whether they needed to zoom in on specific techniques or zoom out to understand broader court strategies, Hive provided the flexibility and remote control capabilities essential for comprehensive game analysis.


For live streaming and video recording, we turned to vMix. Known for its reliability and feature-rich platform, vMix handled our NDI video connections with ease. The software’s ability to manage multiple video sources and deliver low-latency streams ensured that our broadcast was professional-grade and engaging for viewers.

3 Camera vMix Tennis setup

3 Camera vMix Tennis setup

PTZOptics Move 4K Cameras

Our PTZOptics Move 4K cameras, equipped with NDI connectivity, were crucial to our IP video workflow. These cameras provided high-resolution video feeds and integrated seamlessly with both Hive and vMix, ensuring smooth and efficient video transmission over our network.

The Workflow

The entire setup was designed around an all-IP video solution. All cameras and computers were connected over the same network, which simplified our workflow and ensured consistent video quality. Remote computers accessed Hive through the cloud, demonstrating the power and flexibility of cloud-based video management.

Key Benefits

Remote Camera Control

One of the most significant advantages of our setup was the ability for coaches to remotely control the cameras. They could switch between different camera angles, zoom in to scrutinize player techniques, or zoom out to observe overall game strategies. This remote control capability is a game-changer for coaches who need detailed and flexible analysis tools.

High-Quality Streaming

With vMix handling our live streaming and video recording, we maintained high-quality, low-latency video streams throughout the event. The use of NDI connections ensured that the video quality was top-notch, providing a clear and reliable viewing experience for both the audience and the coaches.

Cloud Connectivity

PTZOptics Hive’s cloud connectivity enabled seamless remote access and control. Coaches could manage camera views and control PTZ functions from any location, offering unprecedented flexibility and convenience. This feature is especially valuable for remote coaching, allowing coaches to interact with the game footage as if they were on-site.


Our tennis match live streaming project with PTZOptics Hive and vMix exemplifies how advanced technology can transform sports coaching. By providing remote camera control, high-quality streaming, and cloud connectivity, we delivered a solution that enhances the coaching experience and sets a new standard for live sports broadcasting.

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