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Success as an event planner depends on a person’s level of precision. The more exact event planners are about all aspects of the project, the better they will be at planning it. Having determined the foundational framework for your event, you can now create a team. Assembling Your Team And Finding Your Key Personnel All […]

Attending an event is always more exciting than the process of planning it. Nobody minds going to a party, but who wants to deal with all the little details about cleaning the venue, making sure there is good parking or proofreading invitations before they are sent out. However, even though the activities that take place […]

If you have ever attended an event that was professionally planned and executed, chances are you didn’t realize how much work went into making it a success. Events, regardless of their size, are complex things to manage.  In every event, something goes wrong, and if you are lucky the only people who notice are on […]

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