Using Premiers and Facebook Watch Parties

Written by on October 10, 2018

Hosting a Facebook Watch Party

Hosting a Facebook Watch Party

In today’s podcast, The StreamGeeks’s Podcast Facebook watch parties and premiers to create a new marketing strategy with social media.  YouTube, Facebook and Twitch now all offer the ability to Premier a video with a countdown timer.  The feature allows creators the ability to post a video with Livestream features built in.  Video premiers or pre-scheduled on-demand videos that are released into live streaming fashion to an audience online.  Since the creators of the video are not actually on camera they were available to participate in a live chat room with their audience.  This was an interesting chance for the StreamGeeks to participate with our audience off camera.  We learned that Facebook premieres or a great way to boost engagement with video uploads.  We noticed a significant increase in our social media reach and engagement with our followers.

Another interesting feature that we found out about his Facebook watch parties.  Facebook is really taking the lead here with this new feature mixing on-demand and live video streaming.  Facebook watch parties are only available inside Facebook groups and they allow groups of users to share the video watching experience.  As the host or cohost of a Facebook watch party you are in control of selecting live or on-demand videos available on Facebook for the entire audience to watch.  We were able to connect to our lives Facebook premiere inside or Facebook watch party and then transition into a live broadcast from another Facebook page.  This turned out to be a great way  to build excitement for on-demand video and transition into a post show for live view were engagement.
YouTube live premiers has not rolled out to our stream geeks YouTube channel yet.  The next on-demand video premiere technology we will be digging into is from Twitch but until then you’re some pictures and video clips from our latest test with Facebook watch parties.  also don’t forget the check out our podcast which outlined some of the details we encountered with Facebook premieres.

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