Top Companies to see at NAB New York 2018

Written by on October 9, 2018

Today we reviewed 10 companies that you should totally check out at the NAB New York show 2018. The NAB show stands for national Association of broadcasters and it’s generally hosted in Las Vegas Nevada. The show has become so important to the live streaming in broadcasting industry that is spread it’s wings and is now available every November in New York City. Live streaming in video production companies are now releasing new products and services at such a fast rate that really helps to have a show in between the official NAB Las Vegas show. In today’s video podcast and blog post we talk about our top 10 companies were most excited to visit at the NAB New York show.

#10 – B&H Photo

B&H Photo Live Streaming Store

B&H Photo Live Streaming Store

B&H Photo brings out an entire video shoot for the NAB NY Show. Last year they had a Harley Davidson. What will they have this year?
It’s always fun and B&H has a huge store. Check out this live streaming area of the official B&H Store in NYC.

#9 – Sling Studio

Sling Studio is a wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform perfect for mobile streams! We recently used the unit to stream a fashion show, let’s stop by and see what’s new! Check out this blog post about Sling Studio here.

#8 – Varto Technologies

Varto Technologies

Varto Technologies

Varto Technologies is a Premier NewTek reseller representing NewTek at this show. They also represent PTZOptics and JVC.

#7 – JB&A

JB&A is a distribution company representing PTZOptics, NewTek, Geffen and Vimeo among others.  JB&A has warehouses in California where most of their organization is based.

#6 – Magewell

Magewell is a leading manufacturer of video capture devices, and one of our personal favorites! With the recent release of their Pro Convert and other products, this should be an exciting visit!

Magewell Micro Capture 4-Port SDI Device

Magewell Micro Capture 4-Port SDI Device

#5 – Broadfield

As a distribution partner, Broadfield represents a wide variety of broadcast technologies include:

  1. LiveU
  2. PTZOptics
  3. G Drive
  4. Roland
  5. Epiphan
  6. Wirecast

#4 – vMix

vMix offers one of the industries best live streaming software. vMix was one of very first software partners for the NewTek NDI and they continue to innovate. There could be a new Beta for vMix 22?

Martin Sinclair vMix 22 NAB NY

Martin Sinclair vMix 22 NAB NY

#3 – PTZOptics

PTZOptics is a must stop by location. While the booth is much smaller than the official NAB layout. PTZOptics has a bunch of new products they will be showing off including the 30X Models, Gen 3 IP Joystick controller and much more!

#2 – Telestream / Wirecast

Telestream is the manufacturer behind Wirecast the industries most popular premium live streaming software. The Wirecast Gear is will also be shown off at the PTZOptics Booth. We also have an upcoming webinar October 15th. BETA VERSION 11!

#1 – LiveU

LiveU is a leader is wireless live streaming and cellular bonding technologies. Their LiveU Solo is powering our IRL Backpack! Their latest encoders feature h.265 which improves quality and efficiency.






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