Live Streaming Tips for Realtors

Written by on April 15, 2021

This is a presentation put together for the California Association of Realtors. If you are in the realty business, check out how you can use live streaming, video premieres, and well-designed Zoom meetings to get more listings and sell more properties. This strategy leverages the large audiences available on social media by using live streaming and video premieres to boost engagement. Using engagement as a key way to lure new prospects into your business, private Zoom meetings are then set up to drive more business.

Here is a list of goals for using social media to drive business for real estate.

  1. Maximize exposure on social media
  2. Create engaging online experiences
  3. Provide valuable education
  4. Extend networking possibilities with Zoom meetings


What is a Facebook Premiere?

Live Streaming for Realtors Facebook Premiere and Social Media

Facebook Video Premieres are a new feature for uploading videos to Facebook and having them display live to an online audience. This feature is also available on YouTube and Twitch. Realtors can use this feature to premiere new home listings and open houses. You can start by uploading a video that you want to Premier on Facebook. During the upload process you can click Premiere instead of a regular upload. This will lead you to a scheduling area to select when you want the video to go live.

Here is a virtual listing strategy that leverages video premieres on Facebook:

  1. Get the “Hero Image” picture from outside. Mention your “open” Zoom room after the premiere.
  2. Schedule the video to premiere before the open house. Use the Hero image of the house.
  3. Give all viewers the link to your personal Zoom Meeting room. Use security features if necessary
  4. Use a lead magnet for warm leads. Hot leads meet via Zoom


What are the benefits of video premieres?

Live streaming for realtors online meeting agenda

  1. Have complete control over the live video streaming to your profile/business page.
  2. Interact with your audience in real time.

You can also enjoy additional engagement and boosted organic reach on social media.


Feature: Video Premiere Live Video  Watch Party
Live Chat Room Engagement Yes Yes Yes
Live Engagement w/ Host No* Yes Yes*
Live on Facebook Page Yes Yes Group Only
Mix Live & On-Demand Video Content No Yes Yes

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