Live Streaming TeleScope

Written by on December 8, 2017

You know that telescope you bought eight years ago at a garage sale. The one that’s been taking up all that space in your closet ever since? It’s time to dust off the cobwebs and give this multi-coated optical instrument of dreams another chance to view the stars. You remember what it feels like to view the full moon through a crystal clear winter sky. It’s the moment when you realize outer space is only a glimpse away.

The StreamGeeks engineering team has been working on a very special secret project involving out of this world exploration and live streaming technology. The team has discovered various telescope adapters on Amazon which allows us to attached the PTZOptics Variable Lens ZCam to almost any backyard telescope. Allowing us to create a live streaming experience that is literally out of this world. Finally, the worlds of space exploration and live streaming can come together on a budget for an exciting video production project everyone can enjoy!

Share your backyard telescope adventures with all your friends on Facebook… Who’s the coolest Dad in the neighborhood? Well you don’t have to answer that one, it’s always been obvious. This is just something fun your putting together for the kids. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s an educational experience.


We are now releasing a DIY Guide for live streaming astronomical events with a standard off the shelf telescope and the PTZOptics ZCAM-VL. Capture amazing astronomical events in Full HD quality using your favorite live streaming software such as: vMix, Wirecast, OBS, xSplit or a NewTek TriCaster. Capture out of the world beauty in 1080p quality to display for the friends and family on your BIG screen TV or a projector outside.


Whether you are live streaming that rare solar eclipse from your backyard in perfect totality or just gazing into the stars with your children through the clear night sky, we encourage you take give your telescope new life with a live streaming camera ready to share your next outer space adventure. To wrap up this video we will share with you real footage recorded on a regular backyard telescope from our offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can see the full moon up close and personal recorded via an HD-SDI cable extended to our regular Windows computer.


Download our DIY TeleScope Guide Below

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