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Written by on December 4, 2017

In this episode of StreamGeeks Live we review the latest new features in OBS 20. We take a look at free vs paid live streaming software and how you can use OBS with advanced features such as RTSP Streaming, NewTek NDI, Studio Mode and now Stingers.

Free vs Paid OBS vs vMix and Wirecast

Free vs Paid OBS vs vMix and Wirecast

Here is a list of the most notable new features inside OBS 20.1.3:

  • Modular View – Docking System
  • New Rachni Blue/Grey Theme!
  • Default buttons in filters/sources
  • Source Locking
  • Preview Scaling
  • Audio Clipping Visual Notifications
  • Stinger Transitions

We share with you how to setup OBS for professional video production in Studio Mode and the new Ranchi Blue/Gray theme available in version 20. We also share the ability to lock sources, preview scaling and the new stinger effects. Stinger effects use a transparent alpha channel enabled video to seamlessly transition between two different scenes in OBS. Paul and Tess take you through all the basics for OBS and don’t forget we have a completely free course on OBS here if you want to learn more: Gain access to the Open Broadcaster Software course free with coupon code: “OBSFREE”.

For those new to OBS we review the OBS Layout and these key points:

  1. Downloading the Software
  2. Interface Overview
  3. Settings Overview
  4. Adding Inputs
  5. Setting up Audio
  6. Using Scenes
  7. Using Studio Mode
  8. Plugins
  9. RTSP Streaming
  10. NDI Setup
  11. Green Screen Setup

Finally, we review all the normal StreamGeeks Segments and the difference between OBS, vMix, Wirecast, LiveStream and NewTek TriCasters. Above you can see some pictures from the live broadcast only available on Facebook Live week. We shared how YouTube gave us a copy write strike before we were even able to live stream the broadcast. This is 2nd time this has happened! O well, life goes forward!

Learn more about OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

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  • Checkout the latest version of OBS in this software overview for beginners with the StreamGeeks here.
  • Take our complete course on OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) with coupon code: OBS Free here.
  • Learn more about the PTZOptics OBS Plugin in the OBS Forums here.
  • A complete review video from PTZOptics on the OBS PTZ Camera Control plugin is found here

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