StreamGeeks Worldwide Certified Studio Program

Written by on September 23, 2018

The StreamGeeks announce a Worldwide Certified Studio Program is now available to video production studio owners. The StreamGeeks are an educational organization helping businesses uncover the value of live streaming and podcasting. The new program allows video production companies with podcasting and live streaming studios open to the public to join an exclusive group of service providers. The certification program will provide businesses small and large an opportunity to easily seek out local video production services.

StreamGeeks Certified Studio

StreamGeeks Certified Studio

The new program aims to put video production companies on the map for creating first class technology demonstration areas. “We want to help businesses build state of the art live streaming and podcasting studios capable of producing high powered marketing videos, webinars and much more” says Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer, for the StreamGeeks. “By partnering with video productions companies around the world we are better able to serve our viewers and community of live streaming experts.” The new program will connect video production service providers that meet a minimum of on-site technology with end users around the world. “Our goal is generate leads for our studio partners and leverage the network as a value for our views. It should be a win-win for everyone involved” says Richards.

To learn more about this program video production owners can apply at

Benefits to Certified Studio Owner:

  1. Let us help you build a state of the art live streaming studio for on-site customer demonstrations, remote presentations, high powered marketing videos, webinars and *paid studio time (optional).
  2. Join our Certified Studio Partner Program and get qualified leads from the StreamGeeks marketing engine & website. Our goals is to make you succeed as a technology demonstration center, reseller and *service provider (optional).
  3. Become a preferred local destination for technology demonstrations featured on StreamGeeks website and weekly marketing videos
  4. Special introductory demo gear pricing
  5. Localized Promotional Marketing Campaign at certified.
    1. Integrated marketing campaign with StreamGeeks and Partner
    2. Partner Chooses target market and demographics with StreamGeeks insights
  6. Proven Business Plan & Referral Network
  7. Keep 100% of all profits!
  8. Priority SteamGeeks Support (See Business Plan Agreement)
    1. Training to provide
  9. StreamGeeks Training Session at launch.
  10. Ongoing Training once a year
Local Destination

Local Destination


  1. Must have location available to public for use as a technology demonstration space. Optionally available as a rentable studio space using the standard StreamGeek Rates. (See Business Plan Agreement)
  2. Must meet minimum technology requirements for podcasting and live streaming. (See Below)
  3. Must provide staff member during paid recording sessions (if studio is made available for rentals).


Certified StreamGeeks Studio Minimum Requirements



  • Dedicated Space available for Bookings


      1. Table, Chairs and space for guests required
      2. Available bandwidth for live streaming
        1. 10MBps upload and download minimum
      3. Studio style decor recommended


  • Podcasting Equipment


      1. 2 Microphone minimum (4 Recommended)
      2. Audio Mixer with 2 Inputs (4 Recommended)
      3. Audio Recording Software (Audacity Minimum, DAW Recommended)
      4. Sound Treatment Recommended


  • Live Streaming / Video Production Equipment


    1. PTZOptics Camera Required
    2. HuddleCamHD Joystick Required
    3. Live Streaming Software (OBS Minimum, Wirecast or vMix Recommended)
    4. Audio Equipment (Podcasting Equipment should be able to be used for audio with live streaming and video recording)

Minimum Technology Requirements


  1. Required
    1. PTZOptics Camera
    2. HuddleCamHD Joystick
    3. StreamGeeks Certified Sign
  2. Recommended
    1. PTZOptics Producer Kit
    2. PTZOptics Producer Plus Kit
    3. Lighting for video production area recommended
      1. See StreamGeeks Studio Setup here

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