Live Streaming a Fashion Show with LiveU, Sling Studio and Wirecast

Written by on September 21, 2018

In this video, the StreamGeeks learn how to live stream a fashion show. For this specific video production project, the StreamGeeks selected sling studio, LiveU and PTZ optics cameras. The sling studio is an amazing entry point level live streaming system that allows you to connect cameras wirelessly via HDMI. The liveU solo unit uses an HDMI video output from the sling studio to live stream directly to Facebook using cellular bonding. Paired with multiple PTZoptics cameras the street cakes were able to create a multi-camera Facebook live stream for this fashion show.

Sling Studio, PTZOptics and LiveU

Sling Studio, PTZOptics and LiveU

The sling studio wireless cab legs allowed to stream geeks to place multiple PTZ cameras over 100 feet away from their streaming location. These Cam Link units are then paired to the sling studio base receiver which provides a 1080P high definition video link. The PTZoptics cameras are also available to be controlled over a Wi-Fi connection connected to a power over ethernet switch.

The sling studio connects to an iPad which provides touchscreen camera control for switching live camera feeds. This sling studio also features an HDMI input which was connected to another PTZoptics camera. Another cool feature that the street geeks used with the sling studio is using an iPhone as a camera input. This is a super affordable way to add a “manned” camera input into your video production.

LiveU and Sling Studio Setup

LiveU and Sling Studio Setup

Do you LiveU solo came in particularly handy because the event space was on able to provide a solid Internet connection for the live stream. The LiveU solo use a technology called cellular bonding which uses to 4G hotspot together to create a high-quality internet connection for RTMP streaming. When the Wi-Fi given to us by our event coordinator continually turned off and on, we knew the LiveU solo was the only way to reliably live stream this fashion show.

For a complete review of all the technology used to live stream this fashion show, plus everything that went wrong and we wish we could’ve done better… subscribe to our channel and tune in next Monday at 2PMEST 11 AMPST.

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