Our Ubiquiti Network Setup for Live Streaming + BTS Tour

Written by on November 21, 2017

In Episode 17 of StreamGeeks live we look at our ubiquity network set up for live streaming. At the heart of every modern live streaming, facility is an IP-based network. Paul and Tess show you their brand new Gigabit network setup for live streaming and video production which includes a power over ethernet managed network switch, a firewall, wireless access points and much more.

IP Network Setup for Streaming

IP Network Setup for Streaming

Episode 17 is our very first live stream in the new studio located in downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA. The stream geeks share video footage from the IP network installation which includes running ethernet cable, running cables through the drop ceilings and installing wireless access points throughout the building. If you’re considering setting up and IP-based live streaming system this is a great episode for you.

So we start off with our Comcast Internet service which costs $250 above and provides 150 Mb of download speed and 20 Mb of upload speed. Comcast provides an Internet router which we connect to our UGM firewall and 24 port managed Ethernet switch. This ethernet switch is then connected to all of our computers, cameras, and other IP devices used for live streaming and video production.

The IT department at stream geeks chose to go with the ubiquity 24 port POE managed gigabit switch because it provides gigabit speeds ideal for video over IP. This switch can be remotely managed using the ubiquity cloud key simplifying life for our IT department.

The goal of the new office for stream gigs this to have a completely interconnected working varmint where live streaming can be spontaneously available to any employee. From our public facing YouTube and Facebook live shows to our internal spontaneous Livestreams on Facebook work place we want to have the technology available to quickly Livestream professional video content. There are for our ubiquity wireless Unifi access points have been installed throughout the building to provide high-quality band with to any device wirelessly. How 24 port managed ethernet switch provides power over ethernet to power each wireless access point. These wireless access points are fast enough to live stream low latency video directly into our video production software such as vMix wirecast or even a Newtek tri-caster. We demonstrated this today on our live stream by using an iPhone 6 to wirelessly broadcast video and audio directly into our video production.

How do you studio includes four cameras from PTZoptics each with 20 X optical zoom. The cameras have been mounted at I level when our talent is standing which is roughly between 50 and 65 inches from the floor. Are four camera system allows us to PanTiltZoom into various different video images for our live show. With both of multiple LED lights and high-quality microphones are broadcast turned out extremely well in my opinion.

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