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Written by on January 12, 2019

The #1 new book release in Christian Pastoral Resources, Helping Your Church Live Stream, is free on Kindle for a limited time

Helping Your Church Live Stream by Paul William Richards is the number one new book release in Amazon’s Christian Pastoral Resources category. The book which covers the hot topic of online streaming of church services includes a free course on Udemy. The author has tapped into an active readership in the Christian community by providing a combination of personal experiences and powerful communication insights for the Christian community. Starting January 12th, 2018 the book will be available for free on Amazon Kindle.

StreamGeeks Help Churches Live Stream

“This book was thorough, enjoyable to read, and really understands the worship community and their needs,” says Brian Mulcahy in a recent Amazon review. The book covers many topics including how churches can accept digital donations, online giving on Facebook and YouTube, and Christian outreach with live video streaming. Richards says “I am trying to help simplify the world of live streaming for church leaders. The technology has the ability to attract new members, connect the Church with shut-ins, and homebound parishioners.”

The book also includes a free online course for church media director and volunteers. The online course available on Udemy reviews each chapter of Helping Your Church Live Stream with additional course materials for enhanced learning. With over 3,500 churches taking the course across North America here is what Luis Martinez says about taking the course “Good stuff for beginners I like that he has not lost himself on actually showing the basics. He is making sure he is teaching.”

“A crucial resource which is free to all churches is our ‘Churches That Live Stream’ Facebook Group,” says Richards. With over 1,000 members this private Facebook group has a dedicated community of churches helping each other with technical questions and constructive criticism all week and especially on Sunday. You can join the Churches That Live Stream Facebook Group at

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