Beyond Live Streaming: Two-way communication technology for church

Written by on May 4, 2020

Welcome to Helping Your Church Live Stream 2.0 (a weekly show) on Mondays at 11 AM PST 2 PM EST. Today’s show will follow up last week, where we met with Michael Begeman from The Church of Conscious Harmony in Austin Texas to talk about the way his church is using Zoom video conferencing for Sunday Services and spiritual sharing sessions. The Church of Conscious Harmony is like many other churches looking for ways to stay connected during a time when our congregations are 100% dispersed. 

Last week, we discussed a future where some members of your congregation would likely be starting to come into the church in person, and some members will have to stay home. What does that look like? Hopefully, you caught our last episode… 

This week, we will be speaking with Taylor Hutchinson from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Salsbury, NC. Taylor is going to show us how to set up our digital audio mixing boards to allow members of a Zoom video conference call to speak into the sanctuary. This will allow us to bring remote members of the congregation into the church virtually and allow the pastor to answer questions and prayer requests. We will, of course, be answering questions from the chat and you can join our live Zoom video conference to speak with other churches. 

It’s Monday. How did your worship services go yesterday? Reply to this email to let us know. Maybe you can share a picture in our Churches That Live Stream Facebook group


See you soon!

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