How we spent our $10k budget for our new live streaming studio

StreamGeeks November 27, 2017

In episode 18 of StreamGeeks, we go over our entire budget of $10,000 and how we spent it to build our live streaming studio. $10,000 was just enough money to build out our entire office with new IP-based networking infrastructure that we can use for live streaming in our offices and our studio. We are also able to use the NewTek NDI inside our cameras and with compatible software (Such as vMix, Wirecast and Livestream Studio) to connect all of our devices over a gigabit ethernet switch.

The StreamGeeks go over everything from QoS (quality of service) on their live streaming network to the importance of painting walls energizing colors in this episode. We hope you enjoy some of our live streaming in video production tips and hope to see you next week I’m stream six live broadcast Mondays at 11 AM Pacific 2 PM Eastern.

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