Tips for Bringing Energy and Engagement into Your Show!

Written by on September 20, 2017

StreamGeeks EP 8

In this episode of StreamGeeks live we talk about “How to start your live show off with a BANG!”. Facebook has recently released a new API for frame accurate broadcast starts which allow users to start their live streams with accurately. With this new news, the StreamGeeks review an agenda focused on live show energy, starting your show, your pre-show and even your pre-pre-show with pump up music and strategies to go live with the best in broadcast.

We also review tips for getting the most out of your live streaming setup with limited budgets and personnel on staff. We review various broadcast techniques such as how to have a countdown timer on your live show, playing an intro video and using clips/images and segments to keep the audience engaged and on the same page. Finally, we talk branding, marketing and creative. How can you tell your story more creatively with the help of some of our heroes: Steve Jobs and Gary Vaynerchuck. All this and more included in our 8th episode of Streamgeeks!

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