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Written by on October 24, 2017

Today on StreamGeeks we’re covering Viewer Statistics for live streaming – What to look for and how it can benefit your channel.

Episode 13 || Viewer statistics for live streaming

In Episode 13 on StreamGeeks, the team dove in on video statistics on Facebook and YouTube. Analytics have been proving to be a valuable tool for your channels success. Whether it’s a cooking show on YouTube or product videos on Facebook, the ability to understand who, when, and where is consuming your content is invaluable.

What to look for.

When you are looking at your analytics on Facebook and YouTube, you want to look for the information that tells you some of the info below.



Youtube Analyitcs Picture

Youtube Analytics Picture


YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics has a pretty good overview. Watch time, views, and view duration are located here. The Average view duration is the most important because it’s showing you how long your viewers are hanging and watching your content.

Here at StreamGeeks, we have a pretty good duration for a 40 – 50-minute show. An interesting section of the analytics is for YouTube Live shows. That section will give you stats on what’s happening with your Live show and who is watching it.

Facebook Analytics Picture

Facebook Analytics Picture


Facebook Analytics

Facebook analytics are found in the insights on your page. Showing stats like peak live viewers, minutes viewed video likes, 10-second views, video average watch time, audience and engagement. Since Facebook is a different platform compared to YouTube. The 3-second views are interesting because that’s who is seeing your content in the Facebook Newsfeed as they scroll by. They may be scrolling by, but you are still getting brand recognition and exposure.

Who are your viewers??

StreamGeeks has a better balance of Men and Women viewers on Facebook than YouTube. YouTube seems to have a male-dominated audience but that could be because of the subject material/content. Demographics are something to think about.


One of the main things your statistics can show you is who and where to advertise to. Also, what interests to delegate to your Facebook ads or your YouTube boosts. If your viewers are from the United States then you should advertise to the United States. Using the demographics to understand if you are going to advertise to a male or female audience.


Here’s some of the StreamGeeks info from our Facebook and YouTube. 

Facebook YouTube Stats

Facebook YouTube Stats



Analyzing the Viewer Statistics

All of the information that is provided by Facebook and YouTube can make a huge difference with how your content is consumed.  So if you want to start using your data, you should research and make goals on what you want to learn and how to use the data to your advantage in growing your channels and brand. Analytics also shows where your channel/content is lacking.

It’s always good to review and make pivots in what you are creating. If you want to gain traction from the woman demographic group, you have to create compelling content towards that group. Have more viewers from other countries?? Make content for a more international crowd. You’ll be surprised when you open up your analytics page and see whats happening. So get analyzing StreamGeeks!


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