StreamGeeks’ 5th Annual Summit: Global Live Streaming Innovation Takes Center Stage!

Written by on October 31, 2023

In Downingtown’s Trestle Bridge Business Park, the StreamGeeks, a division of Haverford Systems, Inc., are gearing up for a global event with their state-of-the-art live streaming studio. On December 20th, the 5th Annual StreamGeeks Summit will open its virtual doors to a worldwide audience, showcasing the global impact of live streaming technology.

The StreamGeeks team, led by Paul Richards, Tess Protesto, and Michael Luttermoser, are at the forefront of live-streaming innovation. Their approach transcends local boundaries, impacting the international tech community. Haverford Systems Inc., with its team of over 60 employees, has fostered a culture of technological excellence and innovation, contributing significantly to the global tech landscape.

StreamGeeks Summit 2023

StreamGeeks Summit 2023

Beyond Local: A Global Impact

The work of StreamGeeks extends well beyond traditional streaming, with collaborations that span from small businesses to multinational corporations. This integration of cutting-edge live streaming technology into diverse sectors illustrates the global reach and versatility of their expertise.

The 5th Annual StreamGeeks Summit: A Global Tech Celebration

This year’s summit is more than an event; it’s a global celebration of live streaming and video production technology. Attendees from across the world will have the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of live streaming, guided by renowned experts.

Why Attend the Summit?

  • Educational Opportunities: Participate in workshops and panels with leading figures in the streaming industry from around the globe.
  • Networking at a Global Scale: Connect with a diverse group of professionals, encompassing local entrepreneurs and international tech experts.
  • Exclusive Technology Giveaway: Featuring sponsorships from global brands like PTZOptics, Magewell, and LiveU, offering attendees the chance to win cutting-edge technology.
StreamGeeks Online Example

StreamGeeks Online Example

Event Details:

As the world of technology continues to evolve, the StreamGeeks Summit stands out as a testament to the far-reaching influence and innovation of live streaming. This summit isn’t just an event; it’s a global gathering of minds, ideas, and technologies shaping the future of live streaming. Join us in this celebration and exploration of what’s next in the world of live streaming technology!

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