25 Must See Companies at the 2018 NAB Show

Written by on April 1, 2018

The StreamGeeks publish their top 25 “Must See” companies exhibiting at the 2018 NAB Show on a YouTube & Facebook Live broadcast April 2nd 2018. The list includes broadcast technologies companies including: Avid, Blackmagic Design, DJI, Vimeo, LiveU, Aputure, Shure, PTZOptics, vMix, NewTek, TeleStream and more. The live broadcast will map out the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show and review the top technologies released from the companies included in the top 25 list.

“This is going to be a HUGE year for the NAB show.” says StreamGeeks Chief Streaming Officer, Paul Richards. “With hundreds of exhibitors at the show this year we decided to create a list of the Top 25 companies that are the most exciting in the the industry.” The StreamGeeks plan to interview and document each company in the top 25 list in a live review broadcast April 16th at 11AM PST 2PM EST.

If you are looking for early access to the 2018 NAB Show consider attending the 2018 Pre-NAB Technology Event hosted by JB&A Distribution here. This free event includes pizza, beer and hand-on demonstrations for some of the industries top live broadcast vendors.


Top 25 NAB Vendor List for 2018

  1. DJI – C2207
    1. New Mavic Air
    2. VR Goggles
  2. Vimeo Booth – C3307
    1. New Live Streaming Platform
    2. Just purchased LiveStream
  3. LiveU – C2617
    1. New 4K HEVC Delivery
    2. Launching affordable global IP satellite service
  4. Aputure – C2143
    1. New Fresnel Lights
    2. Deity Microphones
  5. DPA Microphones – C3336
    1. New high end audio: headsets, pencil mics, lavaliers
  6. Shure – C6015
    1. New in-ear monitoring systems
    2. New microphones
  7. AbleCine – C8215
    1. Integrator – Always putting together new packages
  8. PTZOptics – C9945
    1. NDI Cameras
    2. 30X Camera
  9. vMix SL4620
    1. vMic Call, double recording power, more virtual outputs,
  10. Blackmagic Design – SL216
    1. Ursa Broadcast
    2. Fiber Optics Converters
    3. ATEM TV Studio
  11. AJA – SL2505
  12. NewTek – SL5016
    1. Big NDI Announcement
  13. NDI Central
    1. MimoLive
    2. Kiloview – NDI Encoders?
  14. xKeys – SL7406 (PI Engineering)
    1. New Mini PTZ USB joystick
  15. New Wirecast Gear Control Surface
  16. Avid – SU801
    1. IO 4K Plus – HDR – MultiChannel Recording and Thunderbolt 3 12GSDI
    2. IO IP – SMPTE 2110
  17. The Facebook Live Pavillion
  18. EasyLive – Facebook Live Pavillion
  19. Wirecast – Facebook Live Pavillion
  20. Telescope.TV – Facebook Live Pavillion
  21. Google SU-218
  22. Kaltura – SU6105
  23. JW Player – SU7114
  24. Telestream Wirecast – SL3316
    1. Wirecast 9.0
  25. Magewell – SU6324


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