Update Online Course for OBS Users

Written by on January 21, 2019

The StreamGeeks are a group of professional video production experts with the company mission of “helping your organization uncover the power of live streaming.” The team has recently updated one of their most popular audiovisual online training courses focuses around the world’s most popular live streaming software OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). The new course includes free access to groundbreaking audio and video syncing tools that will help solve the number one issue OBS users have.

“The number one issue OBS users have with the live streaming software is properly syncing the audio and video,” says Paul Richards, the Chief Streaming Officer, at the StreamGeeks. This is why we have created an audio and video syncing tool for Open Broadcaster Software that will help diagnose exactly how much delay producers need to add to their system to fix this issue. “The other major issues is simply proper training. Because OBS is free and open source, everybody can become a producer. This is great, but we also wanted to provide an updated educational course to help new producers understand the software’s capabilities.”


This online course will remain free for another week. You can enroll in the new online course on UDEMY here:


User who simply want to download the new OBS Audio and Video Syncing Tool can do so here:

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