3 Strategies for YouTube Video Premieres

Written by on October 22, 2018

It’s here, YouTube has officially announced the video premiere feature is ready for all YouTube channels! Are we live yet? Well, Yeah, kind of… What’s a YouTube video premiere you ask? It’s just like the video premiere of your favorite Hollywood movies except this premiere happens right here on YouTube.

YouTube Video Premiere

YouTube Video Premiere

The scope of YouTube’s reach is far beyond the traditional television or the seats available in a Movie Theater. YouTube is rolling this feature out to everyone on the platform so if you don’t see the “Premiere” option on the upload screen of your YouTube account just sit tight… because it’s coming…

In the above video premiere, we share 3 video marketing strategies that leverage the power of YouTube video premieres with the already popularized interactive live-streaming features.

What’s the best part? Well all of this technology YouTube offers for free!

What’s even better? YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and the marketing strategies we are going to share with you will help your business extend your reach online just like Google SEO but potentially much more effective in spreading your message! A recent study by Wordstream reports marketers using video have 1200% better ROI than those simply uses imagery and text.

So what’s a YouTube Premiere all about?

It’s about generating excitement around your next big idea. Forget about simply posting your next YouTube video at random! Let’s talk about strategizing your video releases and boosting your long term reach online!

Once your YouTube account has access to the Premiere feature you will be able to schedule your next videos release. This will allow your team to effectively coordinate your marketing efforts around the video premieres scheduled time in order to generate anticipation for your next big video release.

The major benefit of the video premiere feature, of course, live viewer engagement which is a proven system for increasing viewer retention times and educational value. The live chat room serves as a vehicle for your audience to digest the content and ask questions about the content you have presented that applies to their lives and current applications. We highly suggest encouraging this type of online collaboration during your YouTube premiere and afterwards in a live post-show Q&A. It’s a great idea to announce your attendance in the chatroom just before the premiere starts.

Just like live streaming, YouTube video premieres, allow audiences the opportunity to connect with video content in a way that furthers engagement during the crucial introductory educational period. As your audience interacts with your content, inside the community chat room, businesses and creators alike are given the opportunity to crowdsource ideas on completely new scalable levels. Inside this petri dish of community discussion, brands can identify new trends and keywords that are crucial for new marketing campaigns. Consider promoting your live audience to engage in the chatroom by placing questions inside you video premiere.

What do you think about Video Premieres? Are you looking forward to our live video Q&A? Can you guess how are special post show podcast guest will be?

Let’s break the 4th wall so popular in the latest Hollywood movies, but let’s do it for a massive live audience on YouTube!

Now let’s talk strategy

We have 3 video premiere release strategies that we believe will change the way we think about posting videos on YouTube.

When Premiere is over

When Premiere is over

Strategy #1 we call the “Pump and Dump”. Popularized by the famous YouTube marketing expert Derral Eves this strategy leverages live streaming on YouTube to pump up the excitement for an upcoming video premiere. Derral notes the importance of the first 24 hours of a videos release in the YouTube algorithm. For some of Derral’s high end clients looking to reach the coveted “YouTube Trending” tab this 24 hour period is of utmost importance. We like this strategy because it leverages the real time video communication with your audience right before an important video premiere. We highly suggest coordinating your email marketing around this live streaming “pump-up session”. The StreamGeeks are currently testing many forms of this strategy but we have proven that traffic can be sent from Facebook and Instagram to YouTube when done correctly. Consider using Facebook and Instagrams native live streaming capabilities to notify your audiences on these social media platforms about the video premiere. You can then drop your video premiere link in the chat room and “raid” the YouTube Premiere chat room.

Strategy #2 we call the “Classic Q&A” which works very well for corporate and educational content. The value of a question and answer session with an audience can be enhanced with the excitement of the YouTube Video Premiere. This is a great way to make the release of a new product or training video more fun and effective with the live chat room collaboration areas. Many businesses are reluctant to use live streaming as a form of regular video communication because of its unpredictable nature. Video premieres add s new level of control to the live content. Video premieres allow businesses 100% control over the delivered content with the ability to staff a live chat operator for viewer engagement. Businesses and content creators alike can further this opportunity for engagement with a follow up Q&A session mentioned at the end of the video premiere. Q&A sessions provide significant proven value for educational content allowing viewers to question the content and request further insight in a context they can relate to. It’s important for Q&A sessions to have thoughtful comment moderation. This is a great place to use social media integrations with your video production software to display questions that have been prescreened.

Pro Tip: consider downloading your YouTube chat comments and looking for frequently used keywords. Each chat room can be saved for analysis by your marketing team. (Download our guide on this here)

Strategy #3 is the hybrid. I highly suggest using the hybrid mode in conjunction with Facebook. Facebook is a great place to start your pre-show pump up session. It’s worth noting that Facebook offers its own video premiere feature that may work for your business as well. Once you have dropped the link to your video premiere in the pre-show pump up session you can follow your audience into the YouTube video premiere session. Following up this video premiere session with a Q&A is a proven form of establishing your Message and providing additional value to your audience.

YouTube Live Stream Geeks

YouTube Live Stream Geeks

For many, video premiers will become the ideal middle ground between live streaming and regular video on demand uploading. Live streaming has become a sanctuary for authentic communication in a world of fake news and overproduced commercials. At the same time, live video communication can be a scary place for corporate businesses required to protect their branding in this uncertain medium. Video premieres will provide real-time communication and engagement with live audience idea for creators that require 100% control of their video presentation. Leveraging real-time video streaming and traditional pre-produced videos will provide a new future for professional online video.

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