Ultimate Guide: Starting The Video Blog

Written by on April 1, 2022

The world-famous video hosting company YouTube allows you to publish your video blogs, earning you money and recognition. Today thousands of people are looking for guides on how to start a video blog. The same situation was with guides on how to start a blog online about 5 years ago. This popularity of video blogs forces newcomers to work with more force, to stand out and attract an audience. 

What to do to create a video blog?

Everyone can occupy their own niche in the video blog field. But it is necessary to choose a certain genre and work in one direction. This approach will help you form your audience, and then you can start experimenting. Stages of the personal video blog development: 

  1. Registering on YouTube or another platform 
  2. Filling information in the personal account 
  3. Create design for the video blog 
  4. Uploading the first video with preliminary work on it 
  5. Gathering audience feedback 
  6. Subscriber acquisition 
  7. Monetization
  8. Keeping the audience interested in the channel 

The first thing you need to do to create your video blog is to register on YouTube or any other video hosting website. It’s very easy to do, the user is given all sorts of tips and advice. When registering, it is better to use a single Google account, which will allow you to effectively use the means to promote the channel in the search engine in the future. The main thing begins after registration.

At the first stage of creating a blog, it’s important to give a memorable name for the channel. It should describe in general what the author does. This can be just a first and last name or definition of direction such as “Top 5”, “Reviews of something”. But given a large number of such channels, it is better to show more originality.

In the process of filling out the account on the website, you need to correctly specify the genre of the channel and make an attractive description. You should also think about the header of the home page, as well as place links to various social accounts. 

When the account is ready and you can start creating videos, the hardest part begins. The first video should show the audience what the future videos will be about and whether it is worth subscribing to such a video blog. There is no need to publish a low-quality video because it can harm your reputation.

Peculiarities of starting a video blog

As the experience of famous video bloggers shows, it is almost impossible to capture several target audiences at once. A subscriber is very likely to leave if the following videos are of a completely different subject matter. So before creating your first video, you should understand what your target audience is interested in. For example, the target audience can be children, teenagers, athletes, housewives, businessmen, etc.

Having determined your target audience and created your mini video recording studio, you can start writing a script. The latter may be absent when the basis is improvisation. But if you are inexperienced and shy, it is better to pack a cheat sheet and think through all the points from the beginning to end. A greeting will be important. It can be a standard one, or a catchy one so that it is the only way your subscribers can identify you as the author.

The quality of the video will be important. You can see how popular video bloggers started with a not very good camera and light correction. But with time they bought better equipment, not sparing money, realizing how important it is.

Conclusion: what mistakes to avoid when creating your video blog?

As the experience of modern video bloggers shows, in order to run your channel and be popular, it is not necessary to meet any particular standards. The more original the author, the higher the probability of success. When creating your video blog, you should not:

  • Copying the presentation style of other bloggers
  • Launch the first videos on scandalous and provocative topics
  • Condemning other bloggers in their videos
  • Trying to publish more videos without paying attention to quality. 
  • Scamming the number of subscribers

Many aspiring bloggers make one critical mistake. They release a series of videos on a topic that is the most talked-about at a given time. This way you can gain views, but it does not guarantee the growth of subscribers. 

The artificial clickability of the video is also one of the mistakes made by newbies. Many authors intentionally state the wrong content of their video in the title of their video just to push the user to watch it. When potential subscribers click on the video of interest, they expect to see the revealed topic. Otherwise, they remain disappointed and will no longer trust the channel.

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