Private Live Streaming Online Course Updated!

Written by on March 18, 2020

The StreamGeeks have a new online course available on UDEMY! You can gain free access for a limited time using coupon code – MARCH2020. This online course is designed for event planners and video production pros who want to learn how to host private live streams in order to monetize their events. Whether you are hosting a virtual event or private live stream, this course will walk you through the process.

Learning how to host a private live stream

Hosting a private live stream

Hosting a private live stream

Hosting a private live stream is less about the technology and more about the experience that you deliver. That is why The Virtual Ticket helps event planners understand what it takes to deliver an experience that is worth paying for. The online UDEMY course challenges event planners and video production professionals alike, to think critically about virtual ticket pricing. Depending on the pricing of your virtual ticket, the value that you aim to deliver will need to match. Therefore, The Virtual Ticket is all about strategies for increasing value and understand the modern consumer. Modern consumers are used to purchasing digital experiences. In this way, the online course encourages students to subscribe to premium online content and learn about what it’s like to buy a virtual ticket before planning a private live stream.

Course Overview

This course reviews everything you need to know about video production, event planning, and virtual ticket sales. Below is a list of chapters in the book and online course:

  1. The Events Industry
  2. Selling Virtual Tickets
  3. Case Studies
  4. High-Level Technology Overview
  5. Event Planning
  6. Designing a Virtual Ticket Experience
  7. Pricing Your Virtual Tickets
  8. Preparing Your Event for Live Streaming
  9. Building a Team
  10. Creating an Event Scope of Work
  11. Event Marketing and Publicity
  12. Mindful Video Production
  13. Innovation in video conferencing and live streaming
  14. Putting the Fun Back in Fundraising

Each chapter is presented in video format and will be posted on this blog and on this YouTube Playlist here.

Selling Virtual Tickets

This online course will be made available right here on the StreamGeeks blog. Each chapter of The Virtual Ticket will be posted here as a blog post. Therefore, you can search through what you find interesting or decide to take the online UDEMY course for a more structured learning environment. Either way, the team here at StreamGeeks wants to help you learn how to sell virtual tickets. Selling virtual tickets to online live streams is a high level of production in the world of live stream. Yes, there are thousands of free to watch live streams going on every day. Many of these live streams are broadcast to Facebook or YouTube. Free live streams and videos for that matter can be very good or very in-consistent. Modern consumers are looking for experiences that save them time and advanced their own aspirations in life.

Virtual Ticket Video Production System

Monetizing Your Event

If you have an event that provides education or entertainment in a way that can transform audiences, you can charge for virtual tickets. Check out some of the other case studies that we have posted on our blog regarding private live streaming over the years. We have a great case study outlining the 2017 VidSummit conference that started their first year of virtual ticket sales almost 3 years ago. This new book helps outline ways that event planners can increase profits and diversify their revenue streams. You can download a free copy of the book at

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