Magewell Pro Convert HDMI to NDI

Written by on September 13, 2018

Today we got a chance to review the Magewell pro convert 4K HDMI product.  This HDMI to NDI converter box is an awesome video production tool that will help many of us transition between traditional video sources and IP based productions.  The HDMI Pro convert box from Magewell is the perfect solution for ingesting HDMI video sources from products such as an Apple TV, a video game system, a professional camcorder, a computer or a laptop.  The pro convert capture device can be powered by USB or an ethernet cable.  Once connected to your network your HDMI video input will be available via NDI within any NDI enabled software solution.  The HDMI pro convert capture device also includes an HDMI output which is used for loop through.  Therefore you can use this conversion box in line with existing HDMI video signals to quickly convert signals into NDI  without interrupting your existing video signal chain.

Magewell Pro Convert HDMI 4K

Magewell Pro Convert HDMI 4K

 Once you’ve connected your Madewell pro convert HDMI adapter to your video source and your network the first thing you’re going to want to do is open up your video signal with the NDI studio monitor.  The NDI studio monitor should automatically detect the pro convert HDMI 4K unit on your network. At any time you can right-click the video signal on your NewTek NDI studio monitor application to reveal all the NDI sources available on your network.  Once you have your Madewell pro convert 4K HDMI adapter selected in the NDI studio monitor, click the cog in the lower right-hand corner.  This will open up the IP interface for your capture device.  The default login for your Magewell pro convert HDMI 4K device is “admin” “admin”.  Once you sign in through the center screen you can further configure your device.
Magewell Pro Convert Dashboard

Magewell Pro Convert Dashboard

 The Magewell pro convert 4K dashboard features information such as IP address ethernet connection and video encoding details.  You will have the ability to process video which allows you to increase or decrease brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.  One section of particular interest to us is the PTZ camera control area.  The metro pro convert 4K includes an eight pin mini din output for PTZ camera control.  We are currently testing various cable pinouts to make this output work .
Magewell Pro Convert NDI Output

Magewell Pro Convert NDI Output

Overall we are very happy with the mage well pro capture 4K device.  As you can see from our test video this device is plug-and-play in the video quality is incredible .  For more information you can visit the Madewell pro capture website Page.

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