Ten Tips for Hosting a Great Live Stream

Written by on October 29, 2020

Okay, it’s time to review 10 quick tips to hosting a great live stream. If you have been following along in our Back to Basics Live Streaming Course, you already know what you need to live stream. You know about cameras, software, social media networks and audience engagement ideas. Now we’d like to cover some of the most important tips the StreamGeeks have learned about live streaming over the past couple of years. 

what is engaging video content

what is engaging video content

Number 1: Content is King. When you think about hosting a live stream, consider the topic you will cover the ways that you can deliver valuable information. Keep it fun and interesting for viewers. Spend time creating an outline and pair that outline with visual assets that will bring your ideas to life. 

Number 2: Branding Your Show. The great thing about a live stream is that you can create fun and engaging content on a regular basis without too much hassle once it’s all set up. Take some time in the beginning to brand your show. This includes lower thirds, logo placement, social media titles, and intro videos. Getting your branding right from the beginning will make all of your content look better and your entire catalog of videos will perform better online. 

Number 3: Get comfortable on camera. If you are going to be on camera, get comfortable with it. If you are the producer, then help your talent feel comfortable. We like to play pump up music before our live streams. I even like to jump up and down and stretch a little. Get psyched up, because your audience will feel the good energy. 

Number 4: Create a Space. Create a space for your live streams. At the StreamGeeks we have build multiple studios and they create the inspiration we pull from each show. Yes, you want to have good lighting in this space, cameras, and microphones. But add a style that fits in with your branding.

Number 5: Be Creative. Being creative with live streaming doesn’t have to involve technology. Be creative with what you put on camera. Zoom into details. Show your audience a behind the scenes views. Push the limits and know it’s okay to make mistakes or show a part of you that isn’t 100% business. 

Number 6: Schedule Your Live Streams. Scheduling your live streams will show your audience a countdown timer. In many cases, Facebook and YouTube will notify your followers of your live stream via the countdown. Scheduling allows you to get the link to your live stream in advanced and share it out. Always schedule important live streams because it helps gather your audience all in one place. 

Number 7: Networking. As you start to build your audience, consider networking with other professionals in your industry. Check out what other people are doing, and see if they perhaps might be a good guest for your show. Connect with your viewers on social media, and follow them back. If they are interested in your live show, maybe they can provide you with advice or valuable feedback. 

the best camera for live streaming

the best camera for live streaming

Number 8: Post Production. Remember that live streaming is just one tool your wheel house. Think about taking the best parts of your live stream and creating shorter, more consumable versions for social media. Sometimes after a live stream, we will quickly record a live stream recap. This is a great way to deliver the best gems from your live stream in a shorter segment. 

Number 9: Social Listening. We have found that our audience will give us the best ideas for new content. Once you gather up a large enough audience, you can listen to the comments and respond with new video content and live stream ideas. 

Number 10: Have Fun. Laughter is contagious, and entertainment thrives on positive energy. Remember to inject some fun into your live streams whenever possible. 

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