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How to Connect OBS and Zoom It’s time for an updated video and tutorial on connecting OBS and Zoom. OBS has recently been updated to support a new virtual camera output feature. This feature makes it even easier to connect OBS with Zoom. This tutorial also includes a new method for working with virtual audio […]

Live Streaming with vMix One of the most popular features of vMix is the ability to stream live productions over the internet. vMix makes live streaming simple and offers many powerful features and customization settings to help you get the most out of your live stream. There is an ever-growing list of live streaming providers […]

vMix is a comprehensive solution for live production and live streaming. It also has powerful recording capabilities and can create numerous types of high-quality video files. Some users employ vMix mainly for the recording options. “Live to tape” productions are produced like a live show but recorded a broadcast in the future. Live event producers […]

vMix Full Screen and MultiView There are lots of ways you can output video from vMix. You may be considering using vMix for live streaming or recording. Still, you may also want to send signals to projectors or external monitors. This could be for IMAG (image magnification) or simply to enhance production workflow by viewing […]

vMix Settings The Settings menu, accessible in the upper right-hand corner of the vMix, gives you access to advanced features and settings. The most basic users will not likely ever visit many of these settings, but it is helpful to have a basic overview of what is available and where to find it. On opening […]

Audio Plug-ins The ability to use third-party audio plug-ins give vMix users access to a massive collection of tools to help create professional-quality audio for their live productions. VST (Virtual Studio Technology) uses digital signal processing to recreate traditional audio hardware often found in professional audio studios. Now with vMix and VST, producers have access […]

An essential part of any great video production is quality audio. Fortunately, vMix includes flexible and powerful audio tools and controls. To see how it all works, start by adding a dedicated audio source. Audio can also be included on all common video inputs. Still, you may also want to add stand-alone audio sources like […]

Working with Titles In an upcoming chapter, you will learn how to use the vMix GT Title Editor to create custom animated titles. But before you dig into creating custom titles, you should know it is incredibly easy to add lower thirds and graphics into your vMix production by using the included graphics in the […]

Mixing Inputs Together with MultiView vMix’s Input MultiView makes it easy to design custom layouts that combine multiple input sources into one scene. For instance, you could have a camera input as the main image and then add a backdrop, an inset picture-in-picture video, a lower thirds title, etc. The best part is that, when […]

Adding Inputs & Input Settings Inputs are the foundation of your vMix production. An input is any element that you want to add as part of your video production. They can include cameras, videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, audio and other sources. vMix makes it easy to add inputs and then adjust a wide range of […]

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