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NDI® makes it easy to add video cameras to your production. NDI® is now available as standard output for many cameras and there are ways to integrate existing cameras into a modern NDI® workflow as well. Here are  five options for connecting a video camera to an NDI® network:  NDI® Cameras – NDI® cameras connect directly […]

While the possibilities with NDI® are endless, for most users, the most significant advantage of the protocol is simplifying connections and workflow. With the multitude of devices and software packages available for broadcast video, putting together and operating a video production solution can be overwhelming. Getting a system to work well involves understanding the benefits […]

Live video production software vMix was designed for use on Windows computers. It was also one of the first video production software solutions to announce NDI® support in 2016. Over the years, vMix has become one of the most popular video production solutions. Therefore, reviewing the NDI® implementation available in vMix is an ideal way […]

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is an open-source video production software project that has become the most popular live streaming and video production solution in the world. The software provides an open workspace for creating, recording, and streaming video in a live production environment. OBS is free, yet it supports an unlimited number of sources and […]

NDI BANDWIDTH CONSIDERATIONS At this point, you may be thinking, what’s the catch? The main bottleneck most NDI® users confront is a limitation of bandwidth on the network infrastructure. Three areas where bandwidth can be limited include the ethernet cabling, networking equipment (router, switch, or wireless access point), and the Network Interface Card (NIC) port […]

WHAT IS A LOCAL AREA NETWORK? The purpose of this chapter is to provide a basic understanding of how IP networks are set up with respect to video production. In this chapter, you will be challenged to think outside the box about how to plan live streaming and video production systems in the world of […]

USING NDI® AT THE STREAMGEEKS The StreamGeeks are a small team of content creators from West Chester, PA, USA who produce live shows and video content all about live streaming. The StreamGeeks have been using NDI® in a variety of ways to produce video content, live streams, and fully featured webinars. In this chapter, you […]

Once you have stepped into the NDI® ecosystem, you will find a growing number of hardware and software tools available to improve your production workflow and that offer new creative possibilities. Due to the nature of NDI®, there are many software tools that can do as much or more than previous hardware options. NDI® has […]

IP Video is a term used to describe video that is distributed on an IP network. The “IP” in IP Video stands for Internet Protocol, which is a set of standards for communicating over computer networks. IP Video devices can include cameras, hardware or software switchers, graphic workstations, and displays. NDI® is just one type […]

NDI® was first released in 2015, at the International Broadcast Conference (IBC) show in Amsterdam. Dr. Andrew Cross had been working on IP video technology as the chief technology officer at NewTek prior to the release. The predecessor to NDI® was called AirSend and it was used primarily as an IP video tool for NewTek […]

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