How to Increase the Quality of Your Zoom Recordings

Written by on March 9, 2021

So you just had an awesome Zoom meeting and you remembered to hit the record button. It was so good, you want to post it online but the quality just isn’t that good. In this blog, you can learn how to dramatically increase the quality of your Zoom meeting recordings.

Zoom has some awesome video recording options. Most of the best features for recording video with Zoom are only available if you use cloud storage. For example, you can actually record active speakers, gallery view, and screen shares all at the same time, but only in the cloud.

Increase quality of Zoom meeting recordings

Another really cool feature worth testing is called “Optimize the recording for 3rd party video editors.” This feature implies that the video files are going to be really good, but after testing it reduced the bitrate quality for local recordings and slightly increased the quality for cloud recordings.

As you can see from our testing with Zoom meeting recordings they are pretty low bitrate compared to most YouTube video content. YouTube generally recommends 8 Mbps for 1080p videos and 5 Mbps for 720p video. Zoom meeting recordings are generally less than 2 Mpbs when recorded to a local hard-drive and less than 1 Mbps when recorded to the cloud.

Zoom meeting recordings local bitrateZoom meeting recordings cloud bitrate

When we are talking about video quality, there are really two important things to consider, the video resolution and the bitrate. When you use Zoom, you are unable to change the bitrate to increase the quality. This might be a feature that Zoom implements in the future. For now, you can use tools like OBS or vMix to record in higher bit-rates.

Zoom recordings are technically HD, and you can check out our most recent video/blog post to learn about turning Group HD Video on. There are some tricks to increasing the quality of your Zoom meetings but the recorded videos right now aren’t that great.

So that’s everything I know about increasing the video quality of your Zoom meeting recordings. I have a guide that you can download at the link below. It includes how to connect OBS and Zoom, how to enable HD Mode, and everything we discussed in this video as well.  Cheers!

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