Zoom Meeting Countdown Timers with OBS

Written by on January 19, 2021


In this blog post, you will learn how to set up Zoom Meeting Countdown Timers using OBS. 

You may have seen our recent video about using transparent video overlays for your Zoom Meeting Countdowns. Transparent video overlays are a fancy way to add countdown timers to your Open Broadcasting Software production but they come with some limitations. Using the new Advanced Timers script for OBS you gain more flexibility for starting and stopping timers with custom times. The Advanced Timers Script available for OBS can be used to build custom timers for any time you like. 

Demonstration of a countdown timer in OBS

In the StreamGeeks Pro Zoom pack available at StreamGeeks.us/countdown you can download the sample images used to make your timers look even cooler. 


Here is the step by step process.

  1. Download the Advanced Timer Script for OBS here – https://github.com/cg2121/obs-advanced-timer/releases/tag/5.0
  2. Download Countdown Timer Resources from StreamGeeks.us/countdown
  3. Open OBS and click “Tools” and “Scripts.” Inside the scripts manager click the “plus” button and choose “advanced-timer.lua”.
  4. Next create your OBS scene with a layer of text called “TIME.” The background images are optional. 
  5. Inside of the scripts manager you can choose the countdown mode, the countdown duration, hours, and minutes. In the “Text Source” choose “TIME” or whatever you named the text file. 
  6. You can then click “Start/Stop Timer” to start your time. 
  7. You may need to crop the text input to remove time that is not necessary for your setup. 
  8. To connect this countdown timer into Zoom or another video conference software like Skype, you can use the “Start Virtual Camera” button. Then you can select “OBS-Cam” as your webcam source.

OBS countdown timer files in Github

So that’s it. You can use the OBS custom scripts function to manage custom countdown timers. You can also use it for counting up, showing the time you have been streaming or recording. There are a few other countdown scripts available in the OBS forums, but I have found the advanced timer to be the best overall.


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